Allegheny Academics

The article about Dalia Ziada in the school newspaper. If you squint reeeeally hard you can see me in the balcony.

My freshman year, my class was challenged to create a plan for a mining initiative in Haiti. That’s right – we looked into every aspect of hypothetically pursuing a new mineral reserve in a third world country to help its economy. No big deal. My sophomore year, I learned how to perform surgical sutures on lab rats. That’s right – I’ve done brain surgery on lab rats. No big deal. This week political activist at the heart of the Egyptian revolution, Dalia Ziada, spoke to my political science class. That’s right – an activist from Egypt flew to Meadville to teach a short course on Middle Eastern politics and talk to students. No big deal.

What I mean to say is that Allegheny has top notch academics. The faculty provides creative assignments to get students to apply what they’ve learned in new ways, from business proposals, to debates, to strategies for making chemical compounds. The resources available in our science departments give unique experiences in the lab, whether its synthesizing benzene derivatives, exploring teratagens, or performing brain surgery. The faculty across disciplines strives to broaden your learning experience by requesting authors and guest speakers. They come to Allegheny regularly to read and discuss work they’ve published, and field experience they’ve had. In short, Allegheny spares no expense to provide rigorus academics, whether it means new equipment or new sources of expertise. An incredible education is totally common place here; no big deal.