Living the Life

Fall really is in the air here at Allegheny

As I’ve expressed in my previous post “Welcome Back,” I’m happy to be living in upperclassman housing. North Village 2 is impossible to get into unless you are an upperclassman or you’re living with one. Seniors at Allegheny get this perk and more, as they live it up in their final year.

Most seniors have a car on campus and senior dorms have the most convenient parking. If you are a freshman living in Baldwin, it could take between 5 and 10 minutes to get to your car at the top of the hill. If you’re a senior in North Village, it takes 30 seconds. Furthermore, seniors with a car that’s way closer than their classes, are pretty inclined to drive to class. After four years of hiking between the Carnegie building at the edge of campus, and the Oddfellows building at the top of the hill, they’ve earned the right to be lazy. Additionally, seniors get their own dance in the Orchesis dance show every November. There is no need to be remotely talented or even for them to audition. The senior dance is always fun for all, and of course, no freshmen are allowed in it. Finally, seniors have been known to pull a harmless prank or two. One senior hijacked the loudspeaker in the library. He announced that Allegheny was officially out of housing and offering cardboard boxes along North Main street for students to live in. The other day, a senior entertained himself by dangling a pumpkin outside my room mate’s window, hoping she’d reach for it. It’s plain to see that when seniors aren’t laboring over their senior projects, they are enjoying their final year to the fullest.