Work and Study

I had my portrait painted on the wall at work one day. I’m just an artist’s muse, no big deal.

Freshman year, my dad wanted me to focus purely on my academics; he didn’t want me to have a job on campus. With all the opportunities Allegheny and the Meadville community provide, it’s almost hard to be unemployed here.

The Meadville community has jobs aplenty for college students. I know several people who work at stores and businesses downtown, right at the bottom of the hill. On campus, every department has its own listing for both campus employment and work study jobs. There are opportunities abound to work as a tutor, laboratory manager, tour guide, writing consultant, residence advisor, peer leader, an office assistant, teaching assistant, gallery assistant, writing consultant, blogger for admissions, and so much more.

Allegheny also provides a number of chances to network and find other job opportunities. While working on my resume for one job, I was offered a position in the ACCEL office. Working for the admissions office, I’ve gotten to network with college Alumni, and school counselors around the nation to form connections outside of Allegheny. As a gallery assistant I get to work alongside artists to sometimes make and display their artwork – that’s soemthing I would do for free! For prospective students who worry about finding a job on campus, don’t worry. It is feesible to be dedicated to academics and clubs, and still keep up with a job. Better still, jobs are everywhere you look around, all you need to do is apply.