Election Day

I woke up this morning and found cardboard signs hanging on the front, and back, doors of my off campus house.  I hadn’t forgotten, but the reminder to vote made me more motivated than ever to cast that ballot.

Before coming to Allegheny, I was pretty apathetic towards voting, politics, anything to do with what, at the time, seemed like pointless, whiny, deceitful banter.  Sure, I was too young to vote (this will be my first vote in a presidential election!) but no one around me ever got charged up about the political process, so I didn’t bother either.

Upon entering Allegheny, my eyes opened and my world changed.

Vote Nov. 6

We have clubs like College Democrats and College Republicans.  You can hear the political chatter and debate from groups all over campus.  Posters hang on walls in campus buildings.  Competent slogans and written explications of pertinent “hot topics” are scribed on windows and brick walkways.  Students take the initiative to personally approach you, never bothering to press their personal opinions on you, just concerning themselves with the fact that you voted.

Statistics can be daunting and discouraging when considering the weight your vote will have in the presidential election.  But the college atmosphere has shown me the importance of casting my vote and voicing my opinion, whether on the federal, state, local, or even college level.  The people here, with their varying ideologies and antics, care, and that’s motivation enough for me to cast my vote today and hope for the best for the future of America and our world.