Grounds for Change

GFC (Grounds for Change) is a student-run coffee shop located in the Campus Center.  However, they sell more than just coffee, with a wide selection of hot and cold drinks such as tea and milkshakes and occasional baked goods.

GFC board member Natalie Cappellazzo said, “GFC is here to promote fair-trade coffee as well as to have a space for events such as concerts and discussions and group activities.”  For instance during campaign season, the presidential debates were hosted in GFC in which free drinks were offered for those in attendance.


Seth Bishop, another board member said, “We are here to foster an open and friendly atmosphere for students.”  Even when there aren’t events, students are studying, socializing, or playing games around the cafe.  Musicians feel free to bring in their instruments to play a tune or to play on the cafe’s piano.

If you’re lucky enough to know a board member, GFC is the place to be after-hours for some quiet studying.