Hands-on Learning

Middle School Students

Last Thursday I received a call late at night.  A friend, who suddenly need to go out of town,  asked if I could cover his shift at work in  the morning.  He worked with the middle school education program of Creating Landscapes, work that I am highly familiar with. Gladly I took his place, meeting kids that I had met over the summer when I worked with the program and being welcomed by similar faculty.  Even now I learned new things about managing kids and facilitating their education.

A week earlier I had been asked to assist and attend a presentation on Egypt downtown for the community.  Because I had studied in Egypt last spring, I was able to participate and make connections with community members that I had never known before.  I learned about previously unrealized perceptions of Egypt and how to intelligently discuss them.

Experiences like these show me the value of an Allegheny education.  Not only do I have the opportunity to learn and discuss inside the classroom, but also in the real world on the community level.