My Favorite Allegheny Spots! (Part 1)

Hi everyone!! My name is Paige Colao. I’m a freshman, and one of my passions is photography–which is going to be my main theme for these posts!

I want to share with all of you my favorite places on and off campus. Be sure to click on the pictures so you get the full effect 🙂

1. Bentley

BentleyBentley is probably the most recognized building of Allegheny College, and for good reason. When Allegheny College was founded in the 1820’s, Bentley was the first building erected.

I consider it to be one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, and I’m lucky to see it every day as I walk to class.



2. Schultz Residence Hall (or as Schultz 3A likes to call it, Schutz)

Home Sweet Schutz!

This is where I live! Schultz Hall is located on the bottom left hand of the college. We live on the edge!The story of how Schultz became Schutz happened during my first week of college. I wanted to get to know the rest of my hallmates, so I proceeded to make a poster and have everyone sign it. On the poster, I wrote “Welcome to Shultz!” completely forgetting the ‘c’. Later in the week, I made another poster for the lounge at the end of my hallway. On this poster I wrote “Hey Schutz loungers!” not even realizing I had left out the ‘l’. After someone in my hall pointed out the two spelling mistakes, I just stood there and laughed at myself. I thought it was hilarious that I made two different spelling mistakes on the same word. After I told the story to the rest of my hallmates, they decided they liked living in ‘Schutz’ better than ‘Schultz’. The name has stuck ever since!

3. The Market House (Off campus, in Meadville)

The back entrance of the Market House

Occasionally, my friends and I will travel into Meadville for breakfast on the weekends. One of my favorite places to go for breakfast is the Market House! If you were to walk in the front entrance, you would be greeted by all locally made products and goods. You could buy anything from organic rice to hand drawn postcards. In the back, there is a restaurant called the Market Grille. If you have the time to stop for a leisurely breakfast in Meaville, go there! They have the best buttermilk pancakes around, and their mushroom & cheese omelettes are fantastic!


That’s it for now! I’ll continue talking about my favorite Allegheny spots in the next post 🙂

Until then!