Game Room

Yes, I’m comping, but sometimes I need to unwind from the stresses of analyzing texts, melting my eyes over computer screens, and stringing long words into confusing sentences.  That’s when I go to the Game Room.

The Game Room is the home of arcade games such as PacMan and one-on-one racing, board games such as Apples To Apples and Connect Four, and recreational games like billiards, table tennis, and air hockey.  Nothing calms the nerves like picking off alien stars ships in Galaga or smashing a goal on the foosball table.

Game room’s video selection and its dedicated student worker

What makes the Game Room special though is its selection of hundreds of movies available for rental.  Simply by presenting one’s student ID, students can rent any available movie for two days, choosing from a constantly updated catalogue.

So today, after expelling some mind sweat, I’ll retreat to the Game Room and rent out The Princess Bride after playing a  round of competitive Wii Mario Kart.