A Happy “Guernsey” Birthday!

You may want to ask the same question as I did when I first heard the country “Guernsey”—yes, it is a country!

I have never been to that “legendary” island, but it is the favorite place for two Allegheny faculty members! On this year’s birthday, I received a lovely card with a Guernsey stamp from them. I would assume that the total number of Guernsey stamps in the US is about the same that of pandas in China. So, I’ll take very special care of them—but not sure if the card will love bamboo as well.

If you ask how special a birthday can be for an international student at Allegheny, I would say that it can be as international as you want! Similar with every one of you, I was picturing a day surrounded by lots of friends and families. Besides a Guernsey card, I also received phone calls, messages and presents from friends in China, Singapore, Japan, Germany, France, Canada and other states, where many Allegheny graduates/exchange students are living. They have become my best friends ever since the day we met here at Allegheny. Isn’t it cool?

Now, I am on my way to a dinner with a French professor, whom I never had class with but have known since my sophomore year. I would say that there’s nothing more pleasant to go to bed tonight with warm wishes and a filled stomach! I’m coming!