The Music of Allegheny

For any comping senior who needs a relaxing break from studies, Allegheny’s music department never lets you down.

Alexander String Quartet performing in Ford Chapel

Lately, I’ve been craving a thoughtless destresser from rigorous school work.  Luckily, several different musical venues have become available to put my mind at ease.  First there was the Alexander String Quartet, who not only performed for an Allegheny audience, but also to individual classes and the broader Meadville community.  They played, flawlessly, everything from classical to romantic pieces in their entirety.

Next, a senior and friend, Ian Colley, played a powerful violin recital, the first one at Allegheny in thirteen years.  I feel as though it were only yesterday that I jammed with him and a roomful of other guys on the third floor of Ravine Hall…

Finally, this Saturday at 7:30 PM in Shafer Auditorium our very own Dr. Alec Chien, world renowned pianist, will perform his fourth in an eight concert series, counting down to the last one during Allegheny’s bicentennial year.

The music of Allegheny has arrived just in time for a stressed out senior, just in time to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just in time for spring.