My Favorite Allegheny Spots! (Part 3)

Hi guys! Here’s another installment of my favorite places in and around Allegheny.

7. Carr Hall (On campus)

Yes, it may not look that magnificent from the outside, but that doesn’t mean Carr Hall isn’t beautiful.

Carr’s inside is furnished by eco-friendly material, such as bamboo. I believe the ceiling enhances and makes use of all available natural light, to save energy.



Carr is my favorite building on campus. When I step inside, I’m greeted by many green and vibrant plants, as well as natural light and a bubbling water soundscape. After a stressful class, it’s nice to come to Carr and relax. You will often find me studying in the comfortable bamboo chairs!




One more picture 🙂




8. Steffee Hall of Life Sciences (On campus)

Folks, this is where all the magic happens. Steffee is Allegheny’s main science building, and houses many research projects. Though I’m not a science major, I’ve been inside Steffee. I enjoy the building, because I feel as though amazing discoveries are going on inside. After Allegheny’s October Energy Challenge, we’ve added four new solar panels on Steffee’s top right roof!


9. Reis Hall (On campus)


Reis hall is home to one of Allegheny’s most important features–ACCEL. The Allegheny College Center for Experiential Learning can help with everything from finding the right major for you, to getting in touch with alums that are working in your potential field.






Reis also contains the pre-professonal office, community service center, and counseling services.

It’s also a pretty cool looking building 🙂






That’s all for my favorite Allegheny spots! Thanks for coming on this trip with me 🙂

More soon!