Tools to Success

What are some tools that I need to use regularly as an Allegheny student?

Email:  Your Allegheny Email is powered by Google.  This means that your Allegheny Email is actually a Gmail with almost all of the convenient features that come with it.

Sakai:  This is the online classroom platform that allows professors and students to interact more easily than email.  Many professors post important class documents and links on Sakai, even presentations and videos.  Each professor can set their class’s pages up differently, but some allow you to view your grades and talk to other students about class content over a forum.

Web Advisor:  Here I check my student accounts.  Coming into Allegheny, this is the site where I took my Math and Language placement exams.  I submit my work hours to my office advisor and check to see if my loans have been disbursed.  Equally important, I use Web Advisor to search and register for the following semester’s courses.

Library:  The library’s website is fantastic for searching online databases for books in the Allegheny library or for books in other libraries.  You can use EZBorrow and Illiad to request books that Allegheny doesn’t have on hand.  You can even renew those books online.

There are many more tools available for students, most of which are available on My Allegheny, all of which help keep you organized and informed throughout your college career.

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