VESA Capstone

My minor is the Values, Ethics, and Social Action program.  “VESA is an interdisciplinary academic minor that educates and engages students in social action and its ethics.”

Being a VESA minor has allowed me to delve into philosophy, psychology, languages, among other ethics classes taught by some of the best and most passionate professors on campus such as Kazi Joshua.  The minor has enabled me to gain the leadership skills needed to acclimate into any social environment and become a social activist.

The culmination of the VESA minor is the VESA Capstone Seminar.  This course was more of a weekly meeting in which we talked about food insecurity in Meadville and how to the solve the problem.  The point is to get at the core of the problem rather than provide temporary simple solutions.  For this we worked with Dr. Barry Bittman of the Meadville Medical Center.  We became his think-tank, brainstorming solutions and splitting up into teams to tackle specific projects.

VESA Capstone Meeting with Dr. Bittman
VESA Capstone Meeting with Dr. Bittman

VESA trained all of us to create the most intelligent and efficient solutions, which in this case involved a food resources guide to be distributed downtown, a how-to guide for encouraging businesses to help the cause, and a business model to create an institution that directly attacks the problem.

VESA and Meadville have been a fantastic training ground for all of the social ethics challenges of life.