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LSE's Coat of Arms

This post is dedicated to LSE, the school at which I will be studying next year.

The London School of Economics and Political Science, more commonly referred to as LSE or London School of Economics, hosts  around 9,000 undergraduate and post graduate students (that’s over 4 times the size of Allegheny!). As suggested by its title, the university specializes in the social sciences, namely Economics and Political Science. In fact, for the most recent QS world rankings by subject, the university placed 2nd for Politics and 3rd for Economics (those lists can be found by clicking here and here).

Their specialization in Political Science was a huge draw for me, but the more I learned about LSE and London the more interested I became in studying there. For example, LSE’s library, the British Library of Political and Economic Science, is the world’s largest social and political library containing over 4.7 million volumes. Also, with a location close to the Thames and numerous museums, it will be easy to take advantage of what London has to offer.

I will be studying as a General Course student, along with roughly 300 other students from around the world. This program is made available for international students to apply and study at LSE for their junior year. General Course students have access to the school as all other students do, and are for all purposes enrolled as a regular student. This makes the program unique as we are not treated as exchange students, but rather integrated as any other student would be. John F. Kennedy is one notable alum of the General Course.

Besides exciting academic prospects, LSE has an interesting pop culture presence as well. Scott Neustadter, co-writer of the film 500 Days of Summer, has admitted that the depicted romance in the movie is based on one he held while studying at LSE. Additionally, fans of The West Wing might remember that President Josiah Bartlet was an LSE alum. 

Because of LSE’s rich history, high qualifications, and superb location, I am thrilled to be a student there in a few short months!

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  1. Jim says:

    Great post! I’m really looking forward to hearing about your time once you start!