Lights, Camera, Allegheny

IMAG0491 IMAG0493 So far being a senior is pretty  awesome. I have my own work space reserved in the library so that I can work on my comp. It makes me feel a little adult for some reason, just having a designated space for me outside of my home where I go to do work. Speaking of my comp, even that seems to be falling into place very neatly. It helps that I did a lot of the research for my comp last semester during my junior seminar course, so I already have most of the information I need. Secondly, my comp advisor is always sharing new research related to my topic (meaning I don’t have to look for it) and she always has great ideas for how to go about my project. So far my comp looks like it’ll be pretty amazing and I have everything totally under control – keep your fingers crossed!

IMAG0490Another thing I’m really jazzed about is what this blog has led to now that I’ve been running it for so long. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how many people actually see the blogs we post for Allegheny, but I’ve been talking to freshmen it turns out that people actually read this! They even like it, and apparently people like it a lot. A woman who read my blogs invited me to do a video interview on my student experiences to make a promotional video for Allegheny. It might even air in Pittsuburg in October! It seems that despite my reservations, senior year is a win 🙂