Richard Blanco, Inaugural poet.

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Richard Blanco in Ford Chapel
Richard Blanco in Ford Chapel

This week was really exciting! On Thursday, Inaugural poet, Richard Blanco came to Allegheny to read some of his poems!

Mr. Blanco wrote poems for President Obama’s second inauguration. (Read: Blanco is kind of a big deal.)

I can’t speak for all of you, but I know that when I think of a poet, I picture a somewhat quiet and aloof individual. Richard Blanco broke this mold. He was warm, funny, and very personable. His readings were passionate and held a wide range of emotions–from lighthearted nostalgia to profound depth. 

IMG_3936 (1100x733)Before he left, Richard Blanco had a long book signing session. Everyone who wanted their book signed only had to come up and ask. Needless to say, I had mine signed!


Overall, it was a fantastic event. I would definitely hear him read his poems again!

If you want to listen to some of his work, check out Blanco reading his poem, “Betting on America” here!

Also, here are more pictures of the event!


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