Leaving Home

I found myself looking at my exam schedule about a week ago, trying to figure out when I would be home so I could set up an interview for a summer internship before I leave for my EL aboard the Flagship Niagara. The job is one that I want more than anything, and its big that I even have an interview, but when I realized I would be leaving before the first week of finals was even over I felt crestfallen.

The sophomore class of the Allegheny Swimming and Diving team.
The sophomore class of the Allegheny Swimming and Diving team.

While I have always loved Allegheny, I feel this year it became more like home than ever before. I was actually not looking forward to leaving, especially since everyone else would be staying longer. I was actually upset that I would have to leave my friends behind for almost three months.

Last summer I felt the same way, but once I was away from campus, I felt happy to be coming home, and perhaps this will be the case again.

In the end, though it may make me a little sad to leave campus, I think its a good problem to have. I have had friends who went to larger university’s who come home every weekend, and genuinely hate when they have to be on campus. I feel like I am leaving a part of me behind now when I leave the campus.

It’s interesting because at the start of the academic year I was annoyed that I had to come back early to participate in Gator Guide Training. After I was about an hour from home though, I began to realize I would be seeing all my friends again. I think I am starting to realize that Allegheny has become a place where I love to be, more than ever before.

I will always look forward to seeing my family, especially my parents, but a part of me will always be wondering what my Allegheny family is up to and when I will get to see them again.