A Deserted Campus

After completing my three week experiential learning aboard the U.S. Brig Niagara, I spent a night on campus with a friend of mine who is staying the summer to do research.

He had to get up early to head out to do work, but he let me sleep since I had been getting up early in the morning for three weeks. I packed up my bag, and headed over to the Campus Center to get a sandwich from McKinley’s Food Court before hitting the road.

Walking across campus was a strange feeling because at 11 a.m. it was so quiet. I did not see a single person. After getting my sandwich, I sat down in a booth to eat. I had the entire court to myself. I felt almost like a ghost, visiting a place where I did not entirely belong.

I love Allegheny, it is my home, but at that moment, I felt I was in a strange place. I’m used to McKinley’s being a place full of voiced and laughter. I’m used to seeing people camped out in these booths, books piled up around them.

I am excited to spend the summer at home, but I am also excited to get back to my other home where some of the best friends I have ever had are. I am looking forward to coming back when the Campus Center is not empty, but a hive of activity. Where the lights of the newsroom are on, and editors are sitting at computers writing stories and editing pages. I want the Campus Center where GFC is full of people and the chess set is in the middle of a game instead of sitting on a table.

As I left campus, I smiled to myself. When I am back in a few months, campus will once again be the hive of activity I am used to.