Gator Day! (Squad Takes Pittsburgh)

So, instead of attending Gator Day events, I had to make the trip down to Pittsburgh to get my phone fixed after shattering its screen this weekend. That’s one of the downsides of living in Meadville, to be honest; the city’s kind of disconnected from the rest of the world. One of the nearest apple stores is in Ross Park Mall in Pittsburgh, which is an hour and a half drive away.

But thankfully, everything was okay and my phone is as good as new and I even did some shopping with some friends at the mall while we waited for my phone’s recovery. So we did have a fun day in Pittsburgh, despite everything else.



Happy Spring Break!

So it’s the first day of Spring here in Pennsylvania and it’s snowing. Looks like winter isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

But happy spring break anyway, Gators! I hope some of you got away and went to some really warm places. I know some of my friends have gone down to Mexico with their families and some people have gone back home to Florida, California, and other places with really lovely weather.

But despite the snow flurries and the downpour, I’m absolutely loving my time in Pittsburgh for spring break! One of my best friends who lives in the city was amazing and kind enough to invite me over to her house for the week and so now I’m the little Jordanian freeloader at her house and she’s been showing me “her Pittsburgh.”

And by “her Pittsburgh” I mean the Pittsburgh that she knows and the one that she grew up in. I’m getting the tour of her city the way that she knows it. The funny thing about cities is that although they have their own character (Pittsburgh being a ragdoll full of bridges stitching its parts together), everyone sees it differently depending on their experiences there. For example, someone who had a really bad childhood might hate Pittsburgh because that’s what they associate it with. Alternatively, someone might love Pittsburgh because it’s where they had all their good memories develop when they were younger. The meaning that cities hold can be very different to different people. The Pittsburgh that I know may be different than the Pittsburgh that you know. Maybe you don’t know it at all.

I’m getting to know her neighborhood and all the stories she has there. I’m getting to know the highways she drives down and the places she shops and the schools she knows and the places that have sentimental value to her. It’s almost like seeing Pittsburgh through her eyes because I’m seeing the physical location with emphasis on the places that mean the most to her. And that’s almost magical to me, that one person could give a place so many different faces.

We’re planning on going sight-seeing later this week when the weather starts clearing up, and I’ll post some photos of the place that a lot of students call home.

Till next time, Gators


Midterms are Hard

I’m going to take a minute here to monologue the college experience.

What I mean by that, is I’m going to complain about the amount of work I have to do for midterms week in order to destress.

No, I’m totally joking because nothing is as bad as finals week and honestly, with spring break just around the corner, I’m pretty motivated about finishing strong.

And you should be too, Gators!

And anyone else who’s taking midterms right now.

It’s the home stretch everyone <3

Take care of yourselves

Remember to sleep

Remember to eat

Socialize every once in a while

Wear things that make you happy

(Emphasis on remembering to sleep. Please.)

Love you guys !!


I Don’t Think You Can Get Rid of Your High School Friends

I literally traveled an ocean away for college and somehow I still can’t get rid of my old friends from high school!

But in no way is that a bad thing. I’ve come to learn that your truest friends will always be there no matter how far you go to get away from them.

Yesterday one of my old friends from King’s Academy – my boarding school in Jordan – came to visit ‘Gheny while he still had free time on his spring break and I never thought I’d be so happy to see him! He lives in northern Michigan and goes to school at George Mason in Fairfax Virginia and so he drives through Pittsburgh every time he goes home and back. It was a short enough drive up, so I was able to convince him to stop by the ol’ Mead.

The funny thing about seeing an old friend is that you’ve both changed, but there’s still that sweet familiarity that underlies every new story you have to tell each other. And we found that although we’ve grown, we still speak the same language. He’s still fluent in Natali and I’m always so grateful to have people like that 🙂


So stay in touch with your old friends, Gators!

Don’t leave your high school friends behind. If you were anything like me, you held on to them like stairwell railings during your senior year and those kinds of ties are hard to forget.



The Arabic Tutor is in!

Marhaba, gators!

Many of you may be aware that Pelletier library offers a variety of subject tutors in the evenings. Some of you may even utilize the support of these professionals. A few of you may have even noticed that this semester, we’ve had no Arabic tutor! The shortage was due to the fact that the Arabic tutor who was here last semester was only on campus for a semester abroad and has since returned to her hometown in Morocco.

Well, I had come across the tutoring schedule one day and looked at the time slots for Arabic tutoring when I’d found out that there were no times to meet an Arabic tutor because there was no tutor available.

I was ready to change that.

So there I was, the native Arabic speaker, ready to save the day.

And now, you’re free to seek help with the Arabic language at Pelletier library every Tuesday from 8:30 to 10:30 pm. Feel free to stop by, even if you just wanna say hi!


Salam, Gators <3

Brayton Visits Allegheny

So my friend’s roommate’s friend visited ‘Gheny earlier this week from Jamestown and boy, did he have a great two days in the Mead.

IMG_3001 2

So I seized the opportunity and decided to capture his first impression of our campus.

“It’s very confusing. I just didn’t look at a map, I wanted to be a man and not ask for directions.” Other adjectives he used to describe our campus were “professional atmosphere,” “clean,” “very nice.”

He also mentioned how lovely our campus looks even when it’s buried under tons of snow. “it probably looks very beautiful when the weather’s nicer,” said Brayton over a McKins table.

“Lot of school spirit, honestly,” He also noted as he was sitting underneath the pennants hanging up in Kins.


But in all honesty, he had a lot of fun and it’s always awesome to visit your friends and have your friends visit you on campus.


Stay Connected, Gators


Mission: Accomplished

This’ll just be a short post, Gators, to let you guys know that I have made it to the gym!


Although it was my goal for last semester to go to the gym regularly, I really only achieved it last week but I still count it as achieving my goal because it was really only a month into the semester and they kind of melted together. 😂

Anyway, here’s my proof:


(Shout out to one of my many gym buddies for posing with me!!!)


Stay fit, Gators


#HelpingWithHybrids #PalmieroMakesItFun

Hey Gators!

I hope you guys went down to the Chevrolet Palmiero dealership to take a selfie with the new Prius in their showroom! A couple of my friends and I went down there on Saturday right after brunch and snapped a shot with the new car and collectively raised about $60 for Creek Connections!

Anyway, here’s our selfie 🙂




I hope you guys have an amazing week! Happy February!




Attention Gators!!

Today and tomorrow, Creek Connections is hosting this really cool event. Basically, you go to Palmiero Toyota and take a selfie with their new Prius and Hybrid RAV4. Post that selfie onto some form of social media with the hashtag #HelpingWithHybrids and Palmiero Toyota will dontae $10 to Creek Connections! Add #PalmieroMakesItFun and you will be entered for a chance to win tickets to The Movies at Meadville.


Overall, Creek Connections could make up to $5000 dollars just through our selfies, so why not take a trip down the highway and post a selfie for a good cause!


If you’d like any more information, feel free to contact Creek Connections, especially if you need transportation to the car dealership.


This has been your PSA

Over and out.HybridHappyHour

Upon Returning


Hello, dearest gators! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe winter break, it’s so nice to see everyone back on campus.

I’m going to be honest with you, after spending a month in the warm Jordanian desert, it was certainly a shock to come back to cold Meadville. When I moved back in, I experienced -18 degrees Celsius and let me tell you, it is cold. Even your teeth feel cold in that kind of weather. I didn’t think that was possible.

I suppose it is pretty awesome not having much wind though around here, it makes the campus even more of a winter wonderland than it already is. The snow is truly beautiful, and try not to think of the gross brown slushy stuff on the roads. Think more about the sparkling banks of snow on the grass and around the paths. That’s real snow to me.

But anyway, I promised I’d blog about the dreaded Meadville winter and I really only have one thing to say: it’s not as bad as everyone had made it seem! I mean sure, it’s cold but it’s not inhabitable. It’s not a wasteland, it’s not gross. It’s pretty lovely!

Stay super warm, gator fam.