Snow In Meadville

Coming from Philadelphia, snow was not something I was surprised about. Although in Philly, we don’t get as much. Snow in Meadville can be a lot, as in more than 12 inches. Students at Allegheny know to brace themselves for the winter, as snow usually comes with freezing temperatures. Some advice for future students, is to invest in a good pair of winter boots! Not to panic, Physical Plant, who is in charge of upkeep campus, makes sure that the walk ways and roads are clear in the morning. Last week we had very cold temperatures, and two days of warmer weather. My professor decided to teach class outside on the back of the environmental science building! The class, quantitative sustainability, uses math to answer global warming questions, or just sustainability questions in general. The back of the environmental science building has bricks, these bricks were very useful to us. One of my classmates grabbed chalk and the professor wrote everything out on the brick wall. This an example of some of the things we do at Allegheny. To enjoy one of the last days of warmer weather, we decided to go outside at the last minute! This def helped the class and our learning experience. Natural lighting and just being outside, was worthwhile, and we completed the lesson with no problem! I am getting myself ready for the below zero temperatures and mountains of snow, but this being my last year, I plan on not complaining, but taking it all in!

College Process

Four years ago, I was making the decision where to apply to college. In Philadelphia, state schools are really popular. I came across Allegheny College one day while reading the book, Colleges That Change Lives. I remember knowing that I wanted to stay in Pennsylvania, and the description of this little school on the hill really stood out to me. The book describes why Allegheny does an excellent job in producing students who are well prepared to take on the world, be active citizens, and just have a passion for learning.

I almost did not come to Allegheny. My college counselor told me I would not fit in being in a small town. I took her advice. Allegheny began to reach out to me, calls, emails, and mail. They encouraged me to visit, to experience what campus was like for myself. I’m glad I did. I think it was one of the best choices I ever made. Staying with students, and learning about Allegheny made me change my mind. After that weekend, I decided to make my decision and attend Allegheny.

I learned a valuable lesson, always experience things for yourself, never let someone else opinion hold you back!

Gator Day

Gator Day is a day where class is cancelled, and all students are encouraged to participate in different programming events. Gator Day started out small, but has expanded. Each department usually hosts an open house where they talk about career opportunities, internships, and just the different majors in general. Some departments bring alumni back to talk about their experiences and how Allegheny helped them..

This is my senior year and it is special. My department, Environmental Science/Studies, is hosting different events. One is a gardening introduction, we have a garden on campus, and two events. Although I have been through gator day twice, we have it each semester, I am always happy to encourage younger students to take advantage of it,because events always change.

I wanted to highlight the junior etiquette lunch. This lunch teaches juniors how to eat at a business meeting, using the right utensils, etc. These smalls skills may seem as unimportant, but can really matter in the job force. This event is provided through Career Services and free for students.

That lunch is an example of how useful gator day is! Although some students may want to sleep in, gator day gives us a chance to just focus on our futures and career paths!


This weekend was Homecoming Weekend. Many alumni come back to visit Allegheny, and attend the festivities. This year, Allegheny had a parade with different clubs and organizations represented. After the parade, we had a tailgate picnic. Next was the football game. A lot of alumni were from the class of 2014! Alumni love to come back to campus, and I even saw an entire family walking around the math building, showing their children where they studied!

Another major event happened this weekend at Allegheny! On Friday, there was a ribbon cutting of the bicentennial plaza! This outdoor design allows for us to have different events and for the graduates to walk across during graduation! After the ribbon cutting, the major events committee hosted a late night party for students!

It was a fun packed weekend for Allegheny students and alumni!!

P.S. November is the month when our overnight programs start! We are more than excited to host prospective students!

Fall Break

Fall Break was this weekend and ends on Wednesday! A lot of students will go home, but some stayed on campus, including me. Campus is quiet, and I spent most of my time doing school work and catching up on my favorite TV shows. We are half way through the semester and most classes are requiring papers or test during this month.

Most of my classes are upper level classes and have a mix of presentations and test. My favorite class so far is Applied Toxicology. In toxicology and we learn about different responses to different chemicals and which chemicals are known to cause adverse health effects in children. At the end of the month, we are traveling to Boston to attend a conference where we will discuss a class project involving BPA, a chemical found in plastics.

City Charter High School Visit

As I mentioned before, I intern with the Allegheny College Admissions Office. This Thursday we had a group from City Charter high School in Pittsburgh come visit. There were about 17 students who attended. With any program, we customize each visit with tours, and a panel of students and staff. October is a busy month for us, most of the admission counselors are traveling and the interns are stepping in to help. Darnell, the admissions counselor I work under, was able to attend City Charter group visit. The students were really excited and had many question. Pittsburgh is about one hour and 30 minutes away. This makes Allegheny a great choice for high school students from the Pittsburgh area.
Overall the group visit went well and I am sure we will see more of the students return in the future.

Teach For America

I am very excited to hear from the Teach for America Representatives on campus this week. After speaking to some of my professors, I am strongly interested in teaching for two years before I go back to school.

Teach for America is a non profit organization that places graduates in districts where there is a need for teachers and education inequality among students. There are locations all over the country and students have the option to chose where they want to teach. Although I am from Philadelphia, I am thinking about going to a state down South. The teaching commitment is for two years.

Allegheny graduates go on to Peace Corp and Teach for America after graduation in a pretty good amount of numbers. I think while being at Allegheny, we learn the importance of service, and organizations like Teach for America, is a great way to make a difference. I am in the process of applying and should know by Jan of the decision.

Buffalo Prep

This previous Monday, was my first college fair of the semester! As I stated before, I am the multicultural intern for the admissions office. I accompanied Darnell Epps, admissions counselor, and director of multicultural recruitment to Buffalo NY. Buffalo Prep is a group that prepares middle school/high school students for college. There are college prep classes, tutoring, and mentoring for these students.

The college fair was on the university of Buffalo’s campus, where the Buffalo Prep group has a building. During the college fair we had students coming up to us asking about Allegheny and just telling us about their interests. College fairs are fun and give us a chance to talk and mingle with students. We have many group visits throughout the semester, and Buffalo Prep will come visit us also!

PS. This is also my senior year… This combined with my intern position keeps me busy!

First Day Of Classes

Tomorrow is the first day of the fall semester!

My schedule includes my senior seminar class, a class with about 10 students or less, and we meet once a week and discuss our senior projects.

I am also taking an english class for my minor, and two global health studies classes. It is my last year but I hope to get my MPH, and the more global health classes I have the better.

Each of my classes meet for one hour and 15 mins twice a week or for 50 mins, three times a week.


Move in Day!

Saturday was the move in day for the Class of 2018! the admissions staff was on hand to help out with move in day! I was at Brooks hall, the all female dorm on campus. About 20 volunteers helped unload the cars. The freshman were very excited to decorate their rooms and get ready for their first day on campus. All the Allegheny staff members had on lime green shirts to identify us. During the day there was different programs going on. Residence life also hosted a social at night for all the new students.

Here is a picture of the staff getting ready for move in day!move in day