Program Descriptions 2018

Session 1
11:00 am – 12:15 pm

“What I Wish I Knew My Freshman Year” + Summer Experience Preview

Presenter: Center for Business & Economics Fellows
Location: Quigley Auditorium

All are welcome to enjoy light refreshments and attend a special panel presentation by the CBE Fellows who will offer their experience and tips for taking advantage of the many opportunities Allegheny offers to help students to grow into their interests. There is a student poster presentation in the Quigley Hall lobby describing the many summer internship experiences enjoyed by students last summer, with information on how Allegheny students can get help discovering their dream internship.

Physics Summer Research Symposium

Presenter: Society of Physics Students
Location: Carr Hall Lobby

Anyone interested in pursuing physics at Allegheny, performing research in physics or related disciplines, or anyone just interested in scientific research are welcome to our 3rd annual student summer research presentations! A handful of current physics majors will present posters on their research projects which range from topics in astronomy to biophysics. Underclassmen interested in physics are welcome, and are also strongly encouraged to stop by to learn more about what one can do with their physics background. Snacks will also be provided!

Mind the Gap or How to Plan Your Enrichment year

Presenter: Kirsten Peterson
Location: Steffee B-102

Increasingly, students are choosing to take a year between college and medical professional schools of all types. But, what should you do during that year? Although this year is popularly known as a gap year, it is better described as an Enrichment Year. Whatever you decide to do should enrich your life as well as your credentials. We will talk about some interesting and enriching options for that year.

Alumni Panel and President Mullen on the value of the Liberal Arts

Presenter: Eric Boynton, President Mullen, Donny Consla, Angela Pero, and others
Location: Campus Center 301-302

A panel of alumni and President Mullen will discuss the value of a Liberal Arts education and the impact of the Liberal Arts on life after graduation. Students are encouraged to attend and to hear from their “future selves.”

Engaging the World: Diplomacy and Development, Two Legs of a Three-Legged Stool

Presenters: Ellen Yount, Vice President, Management Systems International, Class of 1987 and Dale Giovengo, Visiting Diplomat
Location: Pelletier Collaboratory

Join Mr. Dale Giovengo, P2000, U.S. Department of State Foreign Service Officer and Ms. Ellen Yount, ‘1987, Senior Vice President of Management Systems International, for a panel presentation in which they offer guidance to students interested in careers and internships in the fields of diplomacy, international relations, and international development. Along with advice gleaned from their expertise and experience working abroad, Ms. Yount and Mr. Giovengo will offer instruction on how students may apply for jobs and internships.

Attention Psychology Majors-How are YOU preparing for life after Allegheny? Try an Internship!

Presenter: Lauren Paulson
Location: Carnegie 110

The Psychology Department provides a variety of opportunities for upper-level psychology students to experience the “real world” of being a psychologist by participating in a credit- bearing internship. Come learn about these unique and valuable opportunities. Current and former interns will be there to share their experiences and answer any questions you might have about a psychology internship. Pizza and refreshments will be provided!

Session 2
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

Dance & Movement Studies Information Pizza Lunch

Presenter: Eleanor Weisman, James Reedy and Betsy Sumerfield
Location: Montgomery Gymnasium

Enjoy pizza and learn more about the Dance & Movement Studies Minor Program and opportunities in the 2018-19 academic year. Current DMS minors will meet to begin planning their concert and there will be a discussion of the DMS minor requirements for students interested in the program.

Foreign Language Fieldbook

Presenter: Lisa Gleason ’10, Ross Pfile ’87, Sandra Larson ’07, Ezra Pasackow ’16, and 4th-year students majoring and minoring in languages
Location: Pelletier Collaboratory

Get help navigating the field of studying foreign languages at Allegheny, and advice for moving beyond in your career. Invited guest alumni share their stories and employment histories from “out in the field.” Lisa Gleason ’10 SPAN, Global Program Manager for Translation Localization at Lionbridge Technologies, Ross Pfile ’87 FRNCH Project Manager at Cisco Systems, Inc. and Owner, Editorial Solutions, LLC, Sandra Larson ‘07 INTST/SPAN Senior Director of Intelligence at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions and Ezra Pasackow ‘16 ENVST/SPAN, Grounds Manager, Villa Samaya, Lake Atitlán Guatemala are our invited guests. Students and faculty will also be on hand to orient interested students to the resources available and courses to take while majoring or minoring in a foreign language at Allegheny College.

Session 3
12:15 pm – 1:15 pm

How Am I Going to Pay for Medical School?

Presenter: Kirsten Peterson
Location: Steffee B-102

All types of medical professional schools are expensive and, unlike undergraduate school, grants and scholarships are rare. Most people end up with substantial loans. We will talk about how health professional financial aid works and some of the options available to minimize your debt.

What in the World is Going On? WGSS in the Classroom and Beyond

Presenter: WGSS Steering Committee
Location: Campus Center 301-302

Join the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program for an open house. We want to hear your thoughts and to discuss student/faculty collaborations on campus as well as how we can work together toward social change.

Mathematics Department Open House

Presenter: Mathematics Majors and Faculty
Location: Arter Hall Rooms 101 and 104

Come and meet the Math faculty and current Math majors! Learn about curricular and co-curricular mathematical opportunities! Join us for a thrilling game of Math Jeopardy, organized by the Dimensions Math Club! Pick up information about: the Math major and minor; Math and 3-2 engineering, pre-health, education, or actuarial studies; and careers, internships, and summer programs. Light refreshments will be provided.

Shaping Your Future in Psychology

Presenter: Psychology Faculty Panel
Location: Carnegie 101

Psychology faculty share their knowledge and experiences regarding the graduate school application process, internships, and career opportunities in the field of psychology.

Biology Department Open House

Presenter: Biology Faculty and Students
Location: Steffee B-201 and the “Fish Bowl”

Come by Steffee Hall of Life Sciences to meet and talk with Biology and Biochemistry professors, Biology majors, Biology minors, and Tri-Beta (aka Biology Club). After a brief faculty introduction, students will lead Q&A sessions about the Biology and Biochemistry Curriculum, Senior Project Process, Study Away, Research Opportunities (on & off campus), Career Planning, and membership in Tri-Beta. This is a great opportunity for any student to drop by to simply say hello or to hear more about the exciting opportunities in Biology and Biochemistry. Light refreshments will be provided.

Communication Arts and Theatre: At Allegheny & Beyond

Presenter: Current Students: Rachael Ellis, Breanna Blair. Alumni: Colleen McCaughey, Jessica Haberly, Amie Stantonv
Location: Vukovich 111

Considering a major or minor in Communication Arts/Theatre? Already declared and looking to network with alumni in your field? You are invited to attend this panel in which current students and alumni will discuss their experiences in the three branches of the Communication Arts department: Criticism, Production, and Theatre. Three students in each of their respective areas will talk about their research and work in ComArts at Allegheny and three alumni will discuss how the department played into their professional lives and where their careers have taken them.

Global Health Studies Program Open House

Presenter: GHS Steering Committee Members
Location: Carr Hall 120

The Global Health Studies (GHS) Program will host an open house for all students interested in learning more about the GHS major or minor. The open house will include a brief presentation to introduce the GHS faculty and review the major/minor requirements. Faculty and current GHS students will also be available to answer questions about the curriculum, senior project, and experiential learning opportunities.

Ice Cream, Energy, Gardening, Bicycles, and the Environment

Presenter: ESS Faculty and Students and Reps from Energy and Environment Minor
Location: Carr Hall Lobby

Come meet faculty and students to learn about the new Environmental Science and Sustainability Major and the new interdisciplinary Energy and Society Minor. Bring a bicycle to fix up, help work in the Carrden, and eat all the ice cream you can.

Session 4
3:00 pm – 4:15 pm

Data and Statistics Wrangling for Biology Compers

Presenter: Biology Faculty
Location: Steffee B-212

Getting started with your comp? Not sure how many replicates you need? Don’t know how to organize your data? No idea how you’re going to analyze your data? Already have data? Not sure what to do with it? Biology Department to the rescue! We’re holding a statistics session to help with both experimental design and data analysis (both planning and execution). Get help now and reduce your stress next semester!

New Major Alert! Get Informed about Informatics

Presenter: Integrative Informatics Steering Committee
Location: Campus Center Lobby

Allegheny’s brand new Integrative Informatics program invites all students to come and learn about this exciting interdisciplinary major. Attendees will meet program faculty and have the opportunity to play with the wide-ranging powers of information and data. Come and be amazed!

Making Allegheny Your “Mecca”

Presenter: Office of Institutional Diversity
Location: Pelletier Collaboratory

The quest for intellectual and personal growth, challenging oneself, and exploring how to make Allegheny College your “Mecca” begins here. Before even stepping foot on campus, the Allegheny Listens Common Reading Experience is designed to introduce new students to Allegheny’s diverse learning environment and academic life. This year’s book was Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. In the book Coates refers to Howard University as “The Mecca”–a place that “formed and shaped” him; where Coates felt comfortable educating himself about a range of topics and exploring his identity. This session aims take a deeper look at the qualities that made Howard University Coates’ “Mecca” and to think critically about how to make Allegheny College a space in which you can grow, challenge, and explore.

Make History This Summer!

Presenter: History students who completed internships last summer
Location: Campus Center 301-302

Interested in history? Come hear current history majors speak about their recent summer research and internship experiences. Archives, museums, and national parks all offer opportunities to develop and apply skills in research and presentation. Meet fellow students and faculty while learning about a few of the ways that you can make history this summer.

Session 5
4:15 pm – 5:15 pm

2nd Annual Philosophy/Religious Studies Thinkery Prize!

Presenter: Irem Kurtsal and Eric Palmer
Location: Oddfellows 105-C

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies will hold a “Gator Day Thinkery Improv Jam” and host a reception for all those ready for spontaneous play, wit and dialogue. Grand Prize: adulation, one compact model (10.5 inch) lava lamp, and a selection of tootsie pops. Come for the improv and stay for good food and better company.