Program Descriptions Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Gator Day: Tuesday, October 25th

Date Time Program Location
10/25 9:30 am to 10:45 am Session One Various Locations
10/25 11:00 am to 12:15 pm Session Two Various Locations
10/25 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm Lunch Session Various Locations
10/25 1:30 pm to 2:45 pm Session Three Various Locations
10/25 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm Session Four Various Locations
10/25 4:15 pm to 5:00 pm Session Five Various Locations


Newly Added Evening Programming:

AXA Advisors NEXT Externship Professional Development Program  Financial advisors and Allegheny alumni from AXA welcome you to the AXA NEXT Externship Session in their office in Erie. What’s an externship? It’s an educational professional development experience. During this second session, you can expect: mock interviews, a financial planning case study, and interaction with current advisors. Even if you missed the first session, you can still join. Students must RSVP to Please dress business casual and bring a resume, a pen/pencil, and scientific calculator.  AXA Advisors, LLC 100 State St. Ste. 440 Erie, PA 16507

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Session One (9:30 – 10:45am)

EL Seminars 2017

Lead Presenters: Jenny Kawata and EL Faculty
Location: Pelletier Collaboratory
Recommended Audience: All students

Start your global studies now! Come to learn more about the May 2017 EL Seminars to Berlin-Warsaw, Cuba, Italy, Greece and The Flagship Niagara. Deadline for applications is November 1, 2016. Don’t wait until it is too late to study abroad.

How to Get Involved with Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

Lead Presenters: Aimee Knupsky and faculty and students who have participated in student-faculty collaborations
Location: Carnegie 101
Recommended Audience: First, Second and Third Years

Would you like to get involved in research, scholarship, or creative activities in your academic field of interest, but unsure how to go about it? Not sure how to find what research or creative activities interest you’re passionate about pursuing? If you answered yes to either of these questions, the office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities (URSCA) has created the Gator Day Session for you!

In this session, there will be a panel of professors and students discussing how to get involved in research, scholarship, or creative activities on campus. The panel will consist of professors and students from each of the three major academic divisions on campus (Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities), as well as interdisciplinary representatives. Whether your struggle with getting involved with research stems from the belief that “research” does not occur in your discipline or if it comes from not understanding the research process, this panel is equipped to respond to your individual questions. Stop by the URSCA panel to learn more!

MCAT: Taming the Beast

Lead Presenter: Kirsten Peterson
Location: Campus Center 301-302
Recommended Audience: Second and Third Years

MCAT Prep: where to begin, how best to prepare, where to spend your money, and tips for mastering this important exam.

Majoring in Environmental Science/Studies

Lead Presenters: ES Students and Faculty
Location: Carr Hall 238
Recommended Audience: First and Second Years

The ES faculty and students will explain the structure of the ES majors, when to major, and the importance of summer and in-semester jobs, internships, and study away opportunities that complement formal course work to maximize options and opportunities for post-graduate studies and employment.

Fellowships that Will Interest You

Lead Presenter: Patrick Jackson
Location: Pelletier Computer Classroom – Room 224
Recommended Audience: All Students

Allegheny students with a strong academic record, a history of on- or off-campus service, a sense of adventure, and a little grit should seriously consider looking into an externally-funded scholarship opportunity.  There are scholarships for study in the U.S. and for study abroad. Some of them fund undergraduate work, while others are meant to help pay for grad school. There are programs for people wanting to get out in the world and get busy and programs for people who want to burrow so deeply into the library that they forget how to get out again. In other words: there’s probably one for you.


Session Two (11:00am – 12:15pm)

Arts Collaborative and Professional Development

Lead Presenters: Amara Geffen, Steve Prince, Byron Rich
Location: Doane Hall of Art – Gallery Event
Recommended Audience: Art Department Students

This Gator Day Event is designed to support student interest in professional development on collaborative projects in the Arts. Speakers will provide Information on writing proposals, seeking grants, and finding community partners. Active community partners and fabricators on recent projects will be present and a part of the conversation. Skilled jobs available to trained craftspeople will also be discussed.

How to Move Off Your Parents Couch and Get the Job You Love

Lead Presenters: Kristen Lauth Shaeffer (’03), Macae Lintelman (’10), Hillary Wilson (’12)
Location: Vukovich – Gladys Mullenix Black Theatre
Recommended Audience: Students interested in media and marketing

A panel discussing the ways in which three recent alumnae have used their education and experiences to develop successful careers in media, marketing, and the performing arts. The discussion will be followed by a question & answer period and informal lunch with the panelists.

Money Matters for Medical (Dental, Vet…) School

Lead Presenter: Kirsten Peterson
Location: Campus Center 301-302
Recommended Audience: Third and Fourth Years

Medical professional schools are expensive.  Come learn about ways to manage and minimize your debt.

Global Health Studies Panel

Lead Presenters: GHS Students and Faculty
Location: Carr Hall 238
Recommended Audience: Potential and current GHS majors and minors

Come join a panel of GHS majors and minors describe various global health experiences in which they have participated.  We will discuss semester study away, EL experiences, research opportunities, domestic internships, international internships, and volunteer experiences. Information about alumni career and academic trajectories will be available. Faculty and students will also highlight a structural overview of the major and minor and provide advising guidance.

Fill-in the Blanks in Your Language Study

Lead Presenters: Barbara Riess, Kaidi Chen, Jasmin Wagner, Amandine Brizard, Miriam Nashaat and Modern Language faculty
Location: Ruter Hall 201
Recommended Audience: First and Second Years

Can you complete a major or minor in a foreign language while at Allegheny? Explore another language you’ve never studied? Or do you simply want to know what it feels like to sit in a class in another language? The Modern & Classical Languages Department will hold an information session and SHOCK immersion classes. Come and learn about the resources we have to support your studies or just to learn to greet someone or write your name in a language you do not know.  Faculty will be available for consultation in all languages.

Why Economics?  Your Road Map to Success

Lead Presenters: Chris Allison and Tom Nonnenmacher
Location: Quigley 101 and Quigley lobby
Recommended Audience: First, Second and Third year students

Did you know that two out of the top ten US banks are run by Allegheny alums?  Attend this session to find out why YOU should consider a major or minor in this field.  Find out why Economics majors have a higher median lifetime earnings than business majors from other institutions.   Meet our friendly faculty and learn more about the opportunities offered by the Center for Business & Economics including Internships, Lunchtime Learning series, Gator Enterprise Challenge, Executive in Residence program, & field trips to major business centers for students to meet and network with highly successful alumni. Refreshments will be served!


Lunch Session (12:30 – 1:30pm)

Why Are Tech Companies Searching for English Majors?

Lead Presenters: Mike Capsambelis (’94) and Nikki Grayburn (’15)
Location: Odd Fellows 105C
Recommended Audience: All Students

Two Allegheny alums, a Google executive and a Google employee, will discuss why tech companies are especially interested in hiring English majors.


Session Three (1:30 – 2:45pm)

Biology Department Open House

Lead Presenters: Biology Faculty and Students
Location: Steffee Hall B.201
Recommended Audience: First and Second Years

Come by Steffee Hall of Life Sciences to meet and talk with Biology professors, Biology majors, and Biology minors. After a brief faculty introduction, students will lead Q&A sessions about the Biology Curriculum, Senior Project Process, Study Away, Research Opportunities (on & off campus), and Career Planning. This is a great opportunity for any student to drop by to simply say hello or to hear more about the exciting opportunities in Biology. Light refreshments will be provided.

Meet the Biochemistry Major:  Introduction and Navigational Tips

Lead Presenters: Ivy Garcia and Tricia Humphrey
Location: Steffee Hall B.102
Recommended Audience: First and Second Year students

A brief introduction to the Biochemistry Major with advice about sequencing classes and how to navigate the requirements.  Ample time for questions and answers will be provided.  Current majors as well as faculty will be on hand for informal conversation.

International Studies @ Allegheny College

Lead Presenters: Laura Reeck and current IS majors
Location: Ruter Hall 300
Recommended Audience: First Year Students

Come learn more about the International Studies Program at Allegheny — coursework, study abroad, pathways after Allegheny with an IS major.  The program chair and current International Studies majors will be on hand to answer questions.

Know Your Rights: Election Day Edition

Lead Presenter: Diane Adsit
Location: Pelletier Collaboratory
Recommended Audience: All students, staff, and faculty

Poll watching is a serious threat to the crucial fundamentals of democracy. It is a detrimental factor in our society today that seriously hinders individuals’ right to vote and jeopardizes this liberty. As such, the Andrew Goodman Foundation is hosting Know Your Rights: Election Day Edition as an informative event for the Allegheny community. In doing so, the Allegheny-affiliated organization and its student ambassadors hope to spread voter education and help to ensure that everyone enjoys their right to vote in this historical election.

Mathematics Department Open House, “A Summer in the Life of a Math Major” and Math Jeopardy

Lead Presenters: Mathematics majors and faculty
Location: Arter Hall rooms 101, 104, and 105
Recommended Audience: Current and prospective math majors and minors

The Mathematics Department Open House will feature the panel discussion “A Summer in the Life of a Math Major,” with Allegheny math majors describing their summer internship and research experiences. Following these presentations, there will be an opportunity to have your questions about the Math major and minor answered by current math majors and faculty, and the Dimensions Math Club will be running a game of Math Jeopardy for all comers. Stop by the Math lounge (Arter 104) to pick up information about: the Math major and minor; Math and 3-2 engineering, pre-health, education, or actuarial studies; and careers, internships, and summer programs.


Session Four (3:00 – 4:15pm)

GoinGlobal with The Allegheny Gateway

Lead Presenters: Jenny Kawata, Jim Fitch & Patrick Jackson
Location: Pelletier Computer Classroom – Room 224
Recommended Audience: All Students

Join this interactive workshop to learn more about the GoinGlobal database that all Allegheny students have access to. If you have dreams of living and working abroad, this is the session for you.

Neuroscience and Psychology Clubs Information Session

Lead Presenters: Neuroscience and Psychology Clubs
Location: Carnegie 105
Recommended Audience: First and Second Years

The Neuroscience and Psychology Clubs will be holding an informational session about the majors, research opportunities, and their experiences down in the newly renovated Carnegie Hall. Students will also be able to ask questions about the majors and clubs.

MMI – Speed Dating for Interviewees

Lead Presenters: Kirsten Peterson
Location: Pelletier Collaboratory
Recommended Audience: Senior Year

MMI stands for Multiple Mini Interviews, a new style of interviewing that is being used in health professional admissions.  During this session we will do some mock interviews in this style.

Make History This Summer

Lead Presenters: Alyssa Ribeiro
Location: Campus Center 301-302
Recommended Audience: First and Second Year Students

Interested in history? Come hear current history majors speak about their recent summer research and internship experiences. Archives, museums, and national parks all offer opportunities to develop and apply skills in research and presentation. Meet fellow students and faculty while learning about a few of the ways that you can make history this summer.

Physics Research Symposium

Lead Presenters: Society of Physics Students
Location: Carr Hall – Lower Level
Recommended Audience: First Year Students, Sophomores interested in research opportunities

Members of the Society of Physics Students will be presenting their posters of their summer research both on and off campus.

We’re #1! Literally

Lead Presenters: Robyn Katona and FiGLI members
Location: Carnegie 101
Recommended Audience: All students, staff, and faculty

FiGLI, the First Generation Low Income student organization, will be bringing awareness to the campus of the transition to, and experiences in, college for first-generation and/or low-income students. This is meant to be an interactive discussion and will include a panel of fellow students, faculty and staff. Please feel free to attend if you are interested in learning about the experiences of first-gen/low-income students.

Declaring Your Major

Lead Presenters: Rebecca Dickinson and Ian Binnington
Location: Carnegie 110
Recommended Audience: Undeclared sophomores

Are you not sure what your major will be?  Can’t decide between your favorites?  Should you double major or have a major and a minor?  Let us help you by offering resources and activities that will help you make up your mind.  You will also learn how to actually declare your major.

Session Five (4:15 – 5:00pm)

Grand Opening of the Philosophy and Religious Studies Lounge and Welcome Reception!

Lead Presenters: Tal Correm and Eric Boynton
Location: First Floor Foyer of Oddfellows   
Recommended Audience: All students

Enjoy sweet treats and good conversation with students and faculty in the Philosophy and Religious Studies Department. Meet new and seasoned majors, minors, and faculty, hear about new initiates, check out the new Philosophy and Religious Studies Student Lounge and sit in its comfy new couches!