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6th Annual

Gator Give Day 2020


Gator Give Day: our chance to unite as a community, to support our students and invest in their futures.

Together we can show our 1,775 students and their families that there’s a long line of Allegheny community members standing behind them and cheering them on.

It takes only one day – and your gift – to make a difference for every Allegheny student!

Thank You

for participating in Gator Give Day!

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Why I Give:

quote by Rich Bowden

donating represents faith in the future, and the future is always, always, uncertain.continued »
— Rich Bowden

quote by Ishita Sinha Roy

Every gift, big or small, is our way of showing love and saying we care for Gators everywhere!!continued »
— Ishita Sinha Roy

quote by Wendy Kedzierski

Students are #1. They are why we are here. We have a strong history of extraordinary students.continued »
— Wendy Kedzierski

quote by Pam Monnier

It's an opportunity to come together and show that no matter the uncertainty of these times, we as a community are linked through our love and support of Allegheny College.continued »
— Pam Monnier

quote by Autumn Parker '16

our institution has remained solid and constant in our efforts to support our students, adjusting and acclimating to the remote worlds of learning and working.continued »
— Autumn Parker '16

quote by Jim Fitch

Whether your gift goes to support summer housing for a student or covers the cost of a student's lunch, YOU make a difference.continued »
— Jim Fitch

quote by Jane Ellen Nickell

it is important that Allegheny be able to come back strong in the fall.continued »
— Jane Ellen Nickell

quote by Becky Dawson '00

Participating in Gator Give Day will ensure that Allegheny can continue to do what it does best -- preparing students to be leaders in an unpredictable future.continued »
— Becky Dawson '00

quote by Olivia Lang '11

during this uncertain time it's important to remember the communities we are connected with and to lean into those placescontinued »
— Olivia Lang '11

quote by Eric Pallant

Giving on Gator Give Day, if you can, is an investment in a generation of students learning to become premiere problem solvers. continued »
— Eric Pallant

This Gator Give Day, I give because...

I have just read all of the messages about the effect Allegheny has enriched the lives of anyone who has had the good fortune enough to have been a part of the Allegheny family. It has been sixty eight years since I left the college physically but not emotionally. Allegheny gave me a career, a wife and an everlasting appreciation of the good fortune to have had the privilege to be the recipient of a faculty that gave me an outstanding education and guidance in becoming a critical thinker. It pleases me greatly to see how much the donors all have felt the need to give back to support to a wonderful institution that gave so much to us.

— Skip McIndoe, Class of 1952

In honor of Judge Jack K. Mandel class of 1958.

— Ilda Oropeza Zepeda

The beautiful thing about Allegheny College is the relationships that are built through shared experiences that endure a lifetime. The small, beautiful campus fosters community and provides an educational atmosphere that is second to none. The low student-to-professor ratio enhances every student's learning with individualized attention and a first-name status with your professors as you move throughout your major classes towards your degree.

— Robert Budacki, Jr.

I give because Allegheny College and the mentorship of Judge Jack K. Mandel, an Alumni of the college, were instrumental in shaping me, my career and my success. I’m grateful for all that I gained and learned and I hope that my contribution helps others in similar ways.

— Rosa Diaz, MSW, ‘03

We are all in this together and are looking out for each other. Allegheny's strength is in its support of the students, its respect for individuality, diversity and community, its moral guidance and its educational excellence. Supporting Allegheny is important not only for the further development of our sons and daughters, but the future of our world...making caring people into the great leaders of tomorrow.

— Anonymous Gator

Wishing you well with your Allegheny experience!

— Harriet (Happy) Wallach

We have to invest in others coming after us.

— Norma Klaus Wible

Allegheny will always be home to me. Class of 2020, I understand how difficult this is for you as someone graduating from graduate school right now as well. I believe in you!! You will all do tremendous things.

— Emily Starr - Class of 2016

Your Allegheny education will yield value to you far beyond what you can imagine today. Treasure it now, and when you can, give back as much as you can to help the students who follow you so Allegheny will stay strong and vital far into the future.

— Shelley Borger Koltnow

I am grateful every day for the inspiration, rigor, and relationships that Allegheny offered me. My commitment to curiosity, imagination, and to social change all were nurtured during my Allegheny years and have served me well since.

— Stephanie

Completing my undergraduate degree at Allegheny is one of my most fortunate experience in life. Allegheny's faculty has been the most amazing mentors and my peer colleagues are also incredibly inspiring. During this difficult time for our global society and local communities, I hope we stand solidary together with each other. Let's believe in our faith and strength and that life will regain its vitality before long. Please stay health and safe, and make your efforts to care for and love those around you.

— Yutong Wang

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