Facilities & Strengths

Alden Hall

Named in honor of the college’s founder, Timothy Alden, the present structure was built on the foundation of the first Alden Hall (1905), which was destroyed by fire in January 1915. Today, Alden Hall houses the Geology and Computer Science Departments.

Bousson Research Reserve

“Bousson” is 283 acres of college-owned property near campus that is used for labs and research in geology, biology, and environmental science. The tract has hydrologic monitoring equipment, including groundwater wells.


The Geology Department has a computer lab with GIS and a wide array of software. Peripherals include an HP 755CM color roll plotter, HP flatbed scanner, and HP color and b/w laser printers. Also available on campus is a fully-equipped GIS lab.

Field and Lab Instrumentation

5-meter flume/wave tank, 5-meter stream table, ground-water modeling tanks, Geoprobe drill rig, geochemical field monitoring equipment, thin sectioning and rock-mineral preparation equipment, polarizing microscopes, seismic station, Rigaku Miniflex XRD, Dionex Ion Chromatograph, Perkin Elmer Flame/Furnace AAS, JEOL SEM-EDS-CL.