Robert Schwartz

Title: Professor Emeritus
Department: Geology
Degrees: B.S., Allegheny College; M.S., Ph.D., Indiana University

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Research Interests

Coastal processes: sediment-hydraulic relationships, morpho-dynamics, bedforms, internal sedimentary structures, engineering relationships (Outer Banks of North Carolina, Great Lakes)

Sedimentology and facies analysis of modern and ancient environmental systems (MontanaPennsylvania, Saskatchewan, North Carolina, Great Lakes)

Sedimentary petrology, paleo-basin analysis, sedimentary tectonics (MontanaPennsylvania)

Selected Publications

Schwartz, R.K., Pankowski, K., and Thompson, J., 2006, Re-interpretation of Kootenai Formation in western Montana on the basis of new tidal evidence for Early Cretaceous (Neocomian) transgression, Geological Society of America Abstracts With Program, vol. 38, no. 7.

Currie, Brian S., Schwartz, Robert K., and Wilcox, William T., 2005, Sequence stratigraphy of a regional-scale tidal embayment, Upper Jurassic Curtis and Summerville Formations, central Utah, Geological Society of America Abstracts With Program, v. 37, no. 7, p. 141.

Schwartz, Robert K. and Birkemeier, William A., 2004, Sedimentology and morphodynamics of a barrier island shoreface related to engineering concerns, Outer Banks, NC, USA, Marine Geology, v. 211, no. 3-4, p. 215-255.

Haney, Michael A. and Schwartz, Robert K., 2003, Estuarine member of the Lower Cretaceous Kootenai Formation, Missouri River Gorge, Great Falls, MT, Geological Society of America Abstracts With Program, v. 35, no. 3, p. 91.

Lamb, Kathryn A. and Schwartz, Robert K., 1999, Erosional surfaces in a modern barrier shoreface and relationship to the stratigraphic record, Outer Banks, NC, Geological Society of America Abstracts With Program, v. 31, no. 7, p. 290.

Meyers, J.H. and R.K. Schwartz, 1994, Summary of Depositional Environments, Paleogeography, and Structural Control on Sedimentation in the Late Jurassic (Oxfordian) Sundance Foreland Basin, Western Montana, in Caputo, M.V., Peterson, J.A. and Franczyk, K.J. eds., Mesozoic Systems of the Rocky Mountain Region, USA: Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists Society for Sedimentary Geology, p. 331-349.

Schwartz, R.K and P. DeCelles, 1988, Cordilleran Foreland Basin Evolution in Response to Interactive Cretaceous Thrusting and Foreland Partitioning, Southwestern Montana.” Geological Society of America Memoir 171, p. 489-513, plus 34 page microfiche appendix on facies analysis.

Schwartz, R.K., 1982, Bedform and stratification characteristics of some modern small-scale washover sand bodies: Sedimentology, v. 29, p. 835-849.

Schwartz, R.K., 1982, Broken Early Cretaceous Foreland Basin in Southwestern Montana, p. 159-183, in R. B. Powers (Ed.), Geologic Studies Of The Cordilleran Thrust Belt, Rocky Mountain Assoc. of Geologists, v. 1, 474 p.

DeCelles, P.G., R.P. Langford, and Schwartz, R.K., 1982, Two New Methods of Paleocurrent Determination from Trough Cross-Stratification: Jour. Sedimentary Petrology, v. 53, no. 2, p. 629-642.