(E) Maintaining Legal Immigrant Status

It is very important that international students maintain legal status while they are in the U.S. Students who fall “out of status” are considered illegal aliens and are subject to penalties, which could render them ineligible for certain benefits associated with the F-1 visa. Listed are the minimum items you need to be aware of in relation to maintaining legal status; fuller descriptions are below.

You must:
1. maintain a full course of study during normal enrollment periods (fall & spring semesters)
2. NOT work in the United States without authorization
3. report any change of address or residence and/or any change of name directly to the International Office within 10 days of the change.
4. maintain a valid passport at all times
5. complete an official immigration transfer if you change educational institutions
6. apply for extension of your program of study prior to expiration date on your form I-20 if needed
7. obtain a new I-20 before changing from one degree level to another (e.g., from Bachelor’s to Master’s level), before transferring to another school, or before changing your major
8. attend the college authorized on your I-20