Interested in becoming a C2C Mentor?

What is the Culture 2 Culture program?
Culture 2 Culture is a program that helps new international students with the transition to life at Allegheny College.  Each new international student is paired with a current Allegheny student, who will act as a mentor and guide during the student’s first semester at Allegheny. Mentors offer opportunities for social interaction, strategies for academic success, and help his/her mentee(s) feel welcome. The program is guided by a mandatory course for both mentees and mentors.

Course: EXL 593 Peer Mentoring (for mentees only, mentees attend the EXL 102 course but receive peer mentoring credit to account for additional activities and work).
Structured work to enhance learning by other students who are enrolled in a regular course. To receive academic credit, peer mentors are expected to complete assignments other than those assigned in the course and to reflect on the peer-leadership experience. Module A, two credits.

Mentees enroll in EXL 102 Culture2Culture: An experiential learning-based course for participants in the Culture 2 Culture Peer Mentoring Program. Course emphasizes the practice of cross-cultural understanding and communication through the curricular and co-curricular. Participants examine cultural identities to improve cultural competency and learn communication skills necessary to engage in successful cross-cultural relationships.  Students apply knowledge learned from readings and simulations to their community engagement opportunities.  Course prepares students for engagement in a global society by facilitating the development of leadership skills and awareness of cultural influences that impact interpersonal interactions. Module A, one credit.

Who can apply to be a C2C mentor?
Any current Allegheny student that will be at least a sophomore the semester they begin as a mentor. In addition, students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 2.75.

Is this is paid position?
Only during orientation and prior to class beginning.

What will I do?
As a C2C mentor, you will initiate contact with your mentee(s) during the summer preceding his/her fall semester arrival. Mentors are asked to return early to campus for fall semester to assist with international student orientation. At that time you will move directly into your fall housing, and all meals during this time will be provided. Throughout the first seven weeks of the fall semester, you will be enrolled in the EXL Peer Mentoring course and will be expected to engage in community activities as part of your course grade.

How will I be prepared and ready to be a C2C mentor?
If you are selected as a mentor, International Student Services will provide you with mandatory training during the spring semester

Questions? Contact Lenee McCandless