brittany trashion

Responsible Use

  • Think twice before hitting print in order to save energy, paper, and expensive inks. If you do need to print, be sure you’re defaulting to double-sided and black and white whenever possible. Consider using the draft mode for documents that don’t need to be of high quality and print the needed selections rather than full documents. ITS provides some great recommendations for sustainable paper use on their Supporting Sustainability Initiatives page, including how to be responsible when using Datatel.
  • Go paperless!
    • Digitize your files (meeting minutes, agendas, reports, manuals, invitations, records). Not only will you save paper, but digital files are easier to update, share and find at a moment’s notice. Use Google Drive or shared folders on the O drive to share materials and work collaboratively with less paper.
    • Consider developing electronic forms to replace those currently used in paper form. You’ll streamline your process and minimize waste.
  • Save and reuse paper that is only printed on one side. This makes great scratch paper. You can also pick up notepads made from reused paper in the Print Shop for free.

Responsible Purchasing

  • Make sure your office or department is purchasing paper responsibly.
    • Purchase paper with a high volume of post-consumer recycled content. This supports a market for all that paper we put into recycling bins. Pre-consumer content is good but indicates only that the leftover paper pulp from manufacturing was used in the production. Recycled paper production uses 55% less water and 60-70% less energy than virgin fiber paper production.
    • If the paper is not 100% recycled, look for FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification which ensures any trees used in the paper production were grown and logged using sustainable land management practices.
    • Avoid paper bleached with chlorine.
    • Don’t pay attention only to the standard white office paper. Look for folders, envelopes and notepads with recycled content, too.