Personal Sustainability

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Most lifestyle choices that are beneficial to the environment are also the most positive choices we can make for our bodies, minds and souls.

  • Walk or bike to work to reduce carbon emissions while getting some exercise and Vitamin D from the sun.
  • Get away from your computer screen every couple of hours and take a walk or stretch, preferably outside. Not only will you get your blood pumping and rest your mind, but you’ll also be more effective and creative when you return to work.
  • Take your reusable mug or bottle over to McKinley’s for a 99 cent refill on any beverage or walk to the nearest filtered water refill station.
  • Eating local produce packs major nutrition, supports local farmers, reduces transportation emissions and tastes wonderful.
  • Drinking tap water is often the safer and healthier option since bottled water is less regulated and is also packaged in plastic bottles which can leach chemicals. Tap water is cheaper and more environmentally friendly as well. Check out the fast-paced, super informative and motivating Story of Bottled Water video to understand why tap water is the responsible and healthy way to hydrate. And read the Pacific Institute’s Bottled Water and Energy Factsheet to understand the impact of creating and molding plastic for bottled beverages.
  • Use all natural products (lotions, hand soaps, dish soaps, shampoo etc.) to protect French Creek from the washed away chemicals, but also to minimize your exposure to synthetics. The body absorbs 60% of anything applied to the skin so be sure you’re only using products you trust.
  • Incorporate some potted plants into your office space. Plants produce O2 and uptake air pollutants.
  • If your office or department space is getting updated, choose low-VOC paints and carpet and furniture with limited formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals. Physical Plant is well-versed on all these products and use them extensively around campus.
  • St. Moritz, our housekeeping team, has helped us develop a green cleaning program which uses cleaning products that are safer for our health and the environment’s.