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Fellow Environmentally Minded Citizens:

Allegheny College Environmental Coalition is a campus website with two distinct goals:

  • To publicize campus events that further environmental goals, even if the nature of the events indirectly improves the relationship between society and the environment, such as community building.
  • To provide an outlet for voicing concerns about the campus’s ecological footprint. We will do our best to consider all suggestions, and by encouraging helpful dialogue, the college will know which steps would receive student support.

Hopefully, we will hear discussion on topics as diverse as vegetarianism, Prius’s, and local currency, to name only a few. The presidents of many of the campus’s environmental groups are contributors to the site, though anyone can comment in the discussion section by registering a Google account. If you are a leader of one of the campus’s environmental groups, please email me and I will grant you authorship permission for the site to keep us all informed. The site is very new, and any feedback about how to improve upon the layout or other features is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Zach Piso
Allegheny Student Government
Environmental Advisor

Zach Piso is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies and Philosophy. He is the founder of this site and an advisor to ASG president Brett Fuchs on environmental issues.


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