After Hours Care

What is Urgent Care/Convenient Care?

Urgent care and convenient care are different than emergency medical services. An urgent condition is not life threatening, but may cause serious medical problems if not promptly treated. Examples of conditions that require urgent care are injuries, fever, sudden onset of pain (abdominal pain, severe headache) and broken bones.

Convenient care clinics treat uncomplicated minor illnesses such as colds, strep throats and sinus infections. They also provide preventative health care services including immunizations and screenings.

Urgent Care Centers in Meadville, PA

MedExpress Urgent Care

18471 Smock Highway
Meadville, PA
(814) 333-3627

Vernon Express Care

16332 Conneaut Lake Road
Meadville, PA
(814) 337-3300

Water Street Urgent Care*

1009 Water Street
Meadville, PA
(814) 337-2273
*closed indefinitely

Emergency Medical Services

Meadville Medical Center

751 Liberty Street
Meadville, PA
(814) 333-5000 or dial 911

PLEASE NOTE: Winslow Health Center recommends that you contact your insurance company to verify urgent care network participation, benefits, co-pays, and deductibles specific to your plan before seeking care. Remember to have your health insurance card with you when you go to an Urgent Care provider.