Student Health Insurance

All students are required to carry adequate health insurance that can be used in the Meadville area. Contact your insurance carrier to verify coverage locations. Students that are covered by their home states Medicaid will not be covered in Pennsylvania. It is advised that they purchase the Allegheny United Health Care Plan or find another private insurance that will cover them while at Allegheny.

United Healthcare Student Insurance

Allegheny enrolls and pays the premium for students who do not decline coverage. That premium is added as an insurance fee on each student billing statement. This fee can be removed with confirmation of adequate coverage in the Meadville area.

  • To decline coverage and remove fee: Log into your WebAdvisor account and select the “Insurance Form” link. Complete the form and submit. Deadline for submission is August 31 of each academic year.
  • Allegheny officially submits students for coverage to United Healthcare for a one year term (August 15, 20xx to August 14, 20xx) on September 1, therefore coverage cannot be declined after the August 31 deadline. If you do not decline the coverage by August 31 you will be responsible for payment.
  • This form must be completed each year. Declining insurance for one year does not carry over to subsequent years.

We recommend that students bring the original or a copy of their current health insurance card to campus.

 All questions regarding United Healthcare should be directed to Financial Services or Allegheny College’s information page of First Student

Health Insurance Facts

  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that unless you qualify for a health coverage exemption, all US citizens must carry adequate health insurance or pay an income penalty.
  • Allegheny students can seek basic care at the Winslow Health Center. However, students will need adequate health insurance for any possible hospital visits, physical therapy, laboratory work, or other services off campus.
  • The Affordable Care Act mandates that health insurance coverage has a term of one year minimum unless there is a qualifying event that triggers a special enrollment period.
  • Medicaid from any state other than Pennsylvania is not covered in Meadville.