The Women of Market House Grille

The owner, cook, and waitresses of Meadville’s Market House Grille detail their perceptions of the appeal of Market House as well as what they have experienced working there.

Controlled Chaos

Meadville’s own Market House Grille

Tyler Stigall, Contributing Writer – March 11, 2015

At 6:30 a.m. a neon “OPEN” sign flickers red and blue in the window against the morning sky. Jennifer McGowan, a server at the Market House Grille, writes the daily specials on two whiteboards and hangs one near a sign that reads “Help Wanted: Experienced Server!”

The Market House Grille quickly comes to life. McGowan peels a clementine while co-worker Deborah Spratt, a prep cook, snacks on a cookie. Debra Albright, another cook, sharpens a kitchen knife nearby while singing along to a cover of “I’m A Woman” playing quietly on a radio.



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