Wars and Waterways

  • Location: Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos
  • Application Deadline: October 15
  • Program Date(s): May 12-June 5, 2020








Directed by: Ishita Sinha Roy and Lauren French

An interdisciplinary investigation into how wars and waterways have shaped contemporary Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos — previously “French IndoChina.” Study the impact of past colonizations, ethnic conflicts and genocide, and U.S. invasions on the cultural and ecological health of these countries. Learn about the centrality of water in local dragon mythologies, (post)colonial histories, cultural/religious traditions, farming/fishing economies, shifting topographies and wildlife, and global health challenges. Case studies on the shortage of potable water, China’s mega-damming of the Mekong river, and lingering groundwater contamination from Agent Orange, inform our exploration of potential water wars in this region.

Information Sessions

October 9: 12:30-1:20 PM Campus Center 301/302

October 10: 12:30-1:20 PM Campus Center 301/302