EL Seminars

Experiential Learning seminars (known as ‘ELs’) are led by Allegheny faculty and staff members and take place each year after the spring semester concludes. EL seminars provide students with the opportunity for international education in a more contained and condensed environment than semester- or year-long study abroad opportunities.

Update about 2021 EL Seminars: Allegheny College will not offer EL travel seminars in 2021 due to the continued high level of uncertainty surrounding COVID, travel restrictions, and the college policy regarding non-essential travel at this time. Allegheny College will continue to monitor and assess the pandemic situation, and hopes to be able to offer EL seminars again in 2022.

Students on the EL to Japan in May 2018 spent the first week in Tokyo undergoing an intensive language and cultural education crash course in the mornings, and explored Tokyo in the afternoons and evenings. The rest of the trip they took the shinkansen (“bullet train”) and traveled west. A visit to Hiroshima was the last stop of the trip, where students had a deeply meaningful experience at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. It was a reflective day, and they were fortunate enough to even meet an old woman who lived on the outskirts of Hiroshima on the day of the bombing.

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