International Student Handbook

A Brief History of Allegheny College

Allegheny College was founded in 1815 by Timothy Alden, a Harvard graduate, who served as the first President of the College. One of Allegheny’s early achievements was the Act of 1870, which allowed women to attend Allegheny College. Initially, many students were opposed; yet five years later they became speechless during commencement when they realized that most of the first and second honors went to women.

Allegheny was built on the principles that its faculty and students must be free to travel the path toward knowledge wherever it leads and also have diversity in knowledge, thus enshrining the liberal arts tradition. Now, with President James H. Mullen at the helm, Alleghenians are confident that the College will equip young people with the knowledge to meet the challenges they will face in life.

International Gator Handbook 2017-2018