Interested in becoming a C2C Mentor?

What is the Culture 2 Culture program?
Culture 2 Culture is a program that helps new international students with the transition to life at Allegheny College and in the United States during their first semester.  Each new international student participates in the program, where they are connected with current students through a group mentoring experience. Mentors offer opportunities for social interaction, strategies for academic success, and help new students feel welcome. By becoming a mentor you will have the opportunity to help others, learn about different cultures, make new friends and gain cross-cultural communication skills. The program is guided by a seven week course in the fall semester.

Course requirement:
(required for all program participants. Dates/time TBD for fall 2019, Module A)
While mentees enroll in a 1 credit CLC course, mentors who are selected will earn 2 credits through an independent study/peer mentoring class. The course will provide mentors the opportunity to practice leadership and cross cultural communication skills through experiential learning. Mentors will have opportunities to lead activities and discussions both in and outside of the classroom.

Who can apply to be a C2C mentor?
Any current Allegheny student that will be at least a sophomore the semester they begin as a mentor (Fall 2019). In addition, students must have a minimum G.P.A. of 3.00

Is this is paid position?
No, this is not a paid position. Students will only receive compensation during the orientation period.

What will I do?
As a C2C mentor, you will initiate contact with new students preceding their fall semester arrival. Mentors will be asked to return to campus before the fall semester to assist with international student orientation. During this time, students will be compensated through campus employment, will move into fall housing and will be provided meals on campus. As a reminder, students will only receive campus employment during the orientation period. Throughout the first seven weeks of the fall semester, you will be enrolled in a 2 credit independent study/peer mentoring course in conjunction with the CLC mentee course.

How will I be prepared and ready to be a C2C mentor?
If you are selected as a mentor, the International Education Office will provide you with 1-2 mandatory training sessions during spring semester, and another upon your arrival before orientation in August.

How many students are selected to be mentors?
This year we anticipate accepting between 7-10 mentors.

How do I apply?!                                                                                                   
All application materials are due March 1, 2019. Applications are submitted online and can be found here

Questions? Contact Lenee McCandless or Jennifer Franz