Every Alleghenian completes a Senior Project in his or her major field—a significant piece of research, designed by the student under the guidance of a faculty advisor, that demonstrates to employers and graduate schools the ability to complete a major assignment, to work independently, to analyze and synthesize information, and to write and speak persuasively.

International studies projects demonstrate students’ analytical skills in economics, history, and political science. They also reflect research done in a foreign language; in fact, international studies majors write a fifteen-page project summary and conduct a quarter of the project’s oral defense in a foreign language. Some recent examples of projects:

  • “The Euro and Businesses: An Investigation of How the Euro Will Affect European Corporations With a Specific Emphasis on the Preparations of French Firms”
  • “Organized Labor and the State in Mexico: A Love-Hate Relationship”
  • “The Construction of a Multicultural State: An Examination of Bolivia’s Multicultural Reforms”
  • “The Zapatistas and Democratization in Mexico”
  • “Las didsputas linguisticas en Mexico colonial 1492-1592”
  • “Nicht Im Kern Verrottet Not Tottten at the Core” An examination of German Higher Education Reform”
  • “The Extremist Tradition in an Increasingly Integrated and Multicultural France: The French national Front”
  • “Institutional Language Use in the European Union”
  • “The Impact of Political Culture on Haitian