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Emergency Network Maintenance

Allegheny’s internet service provider, FirstLight, needs to perform emergency maintenance early Saturday morning. This will result in loss of service for up to 6 hours, starting at 12am. Services should be restored by 6am.

Network Issues Resolved

Allegheny’s ISP reports that all issues from Wednesday’s network event are resolved. Anyone still experiencing difficulty should contact the ITS Help Desk.

Call: 814-332-2755

Submit a ticket: webhelp.allegheny.edu

Walk-in: Murray Hall lobby, 11am to 5pm weekdays

Intermittent access to external websites

Allegheny’s Internet Service Provider has acknowledged an outage in our area that is affecting access to some external websites. Our network support provider, Apogee, is actively working with our ISP to resolve this issue.

Ongoing Wireless Connectivity Issues

Apogee, the College’s network service provider, continues to investigate wireless connectivity issues across campus. In the meantime, those with trouble connecting should contact the Help Desk for a temporary workaround.

Phone: 814-332-2755

Walk-in: Murray Hall lobby, 11am to 5pm weekdays.

Submit a ticket: webhelp.allegheny.edu

Antivirus Software Migration

As ITS finalizes the migration to a new Antivirus product, users may see the previous product (Trend Micro Apex One) display with a red icon in the taskbar (seen below). In this instance, the red icon indicates that the product has been uninstalled and will need a restart to complete the process. Users may do this at their convenience during the day, otherwise the process should complete overnight. If the icon persists, please call the Help Desk at 814-332-2755, or submit a ticket at WebHelpDesk.

Issues with Campus Phone System

Representatives from LITS and Windstream are currently investigating intermittent issues with campus phones. Please do not unplug your phone, as this may cause it to become unresponsive. Users have reported that the display time is incorrect, but this should not otherwise affect functionality of the phone. Thank you for your patience.

E2Campus Notifications

An E2Campus password reset notification was accidentally sent out to users this morning as an unforeseen result of system maintenance. We have removed this message from all users’ inboxes, with the exception of those who had already opened it. E2Campus is a legitimate service that the college uses to alert it’s community and its notifications should not be marked as spam, and in this instance simply deleted. We apologize for the confusion.

A new look for Google sign-in screens on June 14th

Starting on June 14th, 2018, you may notice that when you sign in to your G Suite account, the screen looks slightly different. Some of the changes will include tweaks to the Google logo, an outline around the text field, and center alignment of all items on the screen. See below for before and after images.

Current Google sign-in screen with left-aligned text
Current Google sign-in screen


New Google sign-in screen with center-aligned text
New Google sign-in screen

Update: WiFi Issues with Apple devices

ITS continues to investigate WiFi connectivity issues related to recent updates for Apple devices. We have identified a fix, but implementing it will require some significant changes. Once we implement the fix, existing connections to AC-Wireless from Apple devices will be lost and users will be required to install a new configuration profile to reestablish their connection.

Stay tuned, more details on the timeline of this change will be available via MyAllegheny news posts.