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Tech Tip Tuesday: Multiple Desktops

Multiple desktops are great for helping you focus, for keeping unrelated ongoing projects organized, or setting up one desktop to share during a presentation while still having access to others. Think of it as Alt+Tab on steroids–switching not only between individual apps, but between entire groups and layouts of your desktop on your computer.

In a previous Tech Tip, we posted about how to use multiple desktops in Windows 10. This feature is also available on Chromebooks (where it’s called a “desk”), and on Macs using the Mission Control function.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Phone Changes

A black-and-white photo of an antique telephoneWith changes to personnel and office locations, sometimes uncertainty arises about how to handle phone setups.

Employees who move from one location on campus to another, and who will be keeping the same extension, can simply take their existing phone with them to their new location. When it’s plugged in, the extension stays the same even though it’s now in a different building. LITS does ask to be notified when a phone moves to a different building, so we can update records for emergency calls to be routed correctly.

If for some reason their extension needs to change, or if a new employee is coming into an office that already has a phone, please notify LITS so we can update the phone setup to reflect the new extension and caller ID.

In the event of such changes, we just ask you to open a Web Help Desk ticket with the Request Type “Phone”, and an LITS technician will follow up with you.

Finally, in the event that there is a phone that will no longer be used, please let LITS know.


 Today’s Tech Tip was suggested by an Allegheny College employee. Feel free to suggest topics for future Tech Tips you’d like to see!

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Show Trimmed Content in Gmail

Today’s Tech Tip was suggested by an anonymous user. Feel free to suggest topics for future Tech Tips you’d like to see!

Gmail has many useful features, including conversation threading, email scheduling, powerful searching, and labels. But sometimes a feature can cause confusion.

One such feature is the way that Gmail will trim the content of an email if it contains text you’ve already seen in the same conversation. This can be a big help in a conversation thread with lots of replies, as it keeps every email message from becoming long and unwieldy. But sometimes it’s helpful to see that information–especially since sometimes the trimmed content includes the sender’s signature.

If you feel like Gmail has trimmed a message you’d like to see more of, look for three dots at the end of the message. When you hover your mouse over them, a little popup will say “Show trimmed content.”

Screenshot showing the "Trimmed Content" mouseover in Gmail

Clicking on those three dots will expand the hidden content so you can see it in full.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Safety Check in Google Chrome

Google Chrome now has a feature called “Safety check”, which can help make sure your browser and passwords are as secure as possible. To access the Safety check:

  1. At the top right, click More  Settings.
  2. Click Privacy and Security .
  3. Under Safety check click Check now.

The results will give you information on whether Chrome is up to date, if you have any saved passwords that you might want to double-check, whether standard or enhanced browsing protection is enabled, how well protected your browser is from potentially harmful extensions, and whether Chrome can detect any harmful software on your device.

Screenshot of sample Safety check results in Google Chrome


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KnowBe4 Training Email

This morning, many Allegheny employees received an email notifying them that they have been added to training for a service called KnowBe4.

KnowBe4 is a service that LITS has adopted to give employees a tool to manage occasional spam and phishing attacks right from your Gmail inbox.

The email, sent from <>, is legitimate. However, this email was not intended to go out to employees just yet. Clicking on the link in the email for the training portal will give users a notice that it has not been configured yet.

For now, please disregard the email as LITS works on configuring KnowBe4 Training for campus employees.

For questions, please reach out to the InfoDesk.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Troubleshooting Login Issues

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you get a “wrong username or password” error while trying to log into one of the many online services Allegheny Colleges provides. Here are some tips for troubleshooting:

  1. Make sure you don’t have Caps Lock turned on. It’s an easy mistake we’ve all made, and luckily the easiest one to fix.
  2. If you’re logged into a non-Allegheny Gmail account, some Allegheny College online services might fail to recognize your account login correctly. If you’re experiencing difficulties logging into services such as Canvas, Self Service, TMS, or WebAdvisor, LITS recommends signing out of all Gmail accounts (including your Allegheny account) before trying again:

    Screenshot of the "Sign out of all accounts" dialog box in Gmail

  3. If you’re using a Chromebook, make sure you’re logged into the Chromebook itself with your account. While it can be convenient to use your personal Gmail account to log into the Chromebook, this can sometimes cause issues with logging into Allegheny’s online services.
  4. If you’re using a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, your device might have stored an old password. Try deleting old passwords and then try logging in again.
  5. Sometimes your browser may also have an old password saved that’s interfering with your login. Remember to clear your browser history, and then try again.
  6. Occasionally, rebooting your device can resolve issues with logging in. Windows computers especially should be periodically restarted.
  7. You can try resetting your password. Bear in mind that doing this will reset the password for almost all online services provided for you by the College.
  8. If all else fails, remember you can always contact the InfoDesk or open a Web Help Desk ticket.

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Internet Outage

The College’s Internet service provider will conduct scheduled maintenance between midnight tonight (March 7) and 6:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 8. Users all across campus will experience loss of internet through both wired and wireless connections for extended periods during this window of time.

Our student network will be unavailable during the outage, as will printing. Other campus services such as Self Service, Web Help Desk, and WebAdvisor will also be affected. Most campus phones will also experience loss of service during this window of time.

During this outage, incoming calls will not be received and outgoing calls will not complete a connection. In case of emergency, Public Safety can be reached during the phone outage at 814-332-2314 instead of their usual number.

Please note that you must use a non-Allegheny College phone, such as a cell phone, to reach this number during any outage. Campus phones will not be able to complete any outgoing calls during the outage.

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Tech Tip Tuesday: Mention Another User in a Google Doc

You can now mention another user in Google Docs within the document itself. Previously, this was only possible within a comment.
When another user is mentioned, you can hover over their name for information about them and suggested actions like adding that person to Contacts or reaching out via email. This is the same information you see today when hovering over a user’s name in other Google Workspace apps, such as Gmail or Calendar.
Note that mentioning someone in a document will not send them a notification. Additionally, if you mention a user who does not have access to the doc, you’ll receive a prompt with sharing suggestions. You can share the document at that time or decline and use the regular Docs sharing function when the time is right.
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Tech Tip Tuesday: Appointment Slots in Google Calendar

Google Calendar can be a useful tool in managing all the classes, meetings, office hours, and activities in your schedule. One use for it is to set up appointment slots that people can use to request an appointment with you. You can use it for in-person appointments, or appointments via Google Meet. This video from Señor Taylor gives a quick introduction:

LITS has also prepared a Google Calendar Appointment Slots Quick Guide for our Allegheny community.

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