Mobile Device Policy for Campus Resources

As amended September 2019

Campus employees using a mobile device (personal or college-owned notebook computer, tablet, phone) to connect to College systems and information (College Google account for email or file storage, wireless networks, course management system) are required to utilize the following security protocols on those devices:

  1. All mobiles devices must employ an auto-lock screen to limit others’ access to personal information and data available on the device. Auto-lock screens must require a password, passcode, or bio-credentials after a period of inactivity set at 15 minutes or less.
  2. Handheld devices like phones and tablets must be registered with a Find/Wipe Service like Apple’s “Find My iPhone/iPad” or Google’s “Find My Device” to help lock, locate, and remove sensitive data from a lost device.
  3. Data on notebook computers must be encrypted with BitLocker (available with most versions of Windows OS) or FileVault (available on all recent versions of Mac OSX).  ChromeOS devices have acceptable built-in file encryption by default.
  4. Personally owned computers must have current and patched operating systems as well as virus protection installed and working.  
  5. Allegheny College employee must be the only person with access to credentials used to sign in on a device with access to campus resources.  

We recommend employees avoid using public WiFi on mobile devices that connect to College resources.

Additional suggestions for safer mobile habits are available on the LITS website. Staff at the InfoDesk in Pelletier can also assist employees with developing good information security practices.