Allegheny Guest Wireless

Instructions for Wifi Access for Guests at Allegheny College

  1. Select Allegheny Guest SSID and then select Connect.
    Wireless network selection dialog in Windows 10
    "Connect" menu in Windows for the Allegheny Guest wireless network
  2. Select Register for Guest Access.
    Allegheny Guest network login dialog page
  3. Fill in requested information and Select Register.
  4. Once registered you will see a screen notifying you that your account has been created.
    "Your Account Has Been Created" notice on the Allegheny Guest network
  5. Check your email or cellphone for account credentials. It will provide you with a temporary username and password to access the Allegheny Guest network.
    Screenshot of a sample email providing login credentials for the "Allegheny Guest" wireless network
  6. Select Sign On on the screen mentioned above. This will return you to the login page.
    Login page dialog for the Allegheny Guest wireless network
  7. Type in the username and password provided to your email or cell phone, and select Sign on.
  8. Select Accept after reviewing the Acceptable Use Policy.
    "Acceptable Use" page for joining the Allegheny Guest wireless network
  9. Once you have successfully signed on, you are connected for up to 24 hours.
    "Success" page after joining the Allegheny Guest wireless network