LaTeX for your Personal Computer

LaTeX, a mathematical typesetting system, is installed on all Allegheny lab machines and all faculty computers. This page contains links to help students and faculty install LaTeX on a personal computer. All software is freely available for download unless otherwise noted.


  • MikTeX – A basic TeX system, including LaTeX. Required.
  • GSView – A postscript viewer for windows. Optional.
  • Additional LaTeX packages – Useful packages not included in MikTeX. Optional.
  • Text Editors – Suggested Notepad replacements. Optional.


  • TeXShop – For OS X. TeXShop is a front end to TeX and requires a TeX distribution such as the free MacTeX
  • OzTeX – For OS 8.6 and higher. $30 to register.


  • teTeX – The standard TeX system for UNIX

These instructions are intended to be used by students and faculty who wish to install LaTeX on their personal computer, and do not necessarily apply to installations and updates on college owned computers.