Shea Beaumont Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Internship #1

Throughout the first week of my internship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette I got to meet a lot of great reporters and editors from one of the top newspapers around the World.

When I walked into the “newest newsroom in the country”, it was like what you would see in a movie. Computers and desks mapped out the space with reporters and editors scurrying around the room in every direction, clearly with nothing but deadline on their minds.

For myself, and the other 28 interns, we sat in a meeting room for the first two days while getting the chance to meet each other and having orientation to help get accustomed to working in an environment that we were not used to.

This was the real world.

They promised us that this was the best journalistic internship that is offered for college students because, at the Post-Gazette, they treat you like one of the employees.

Before making my way to my desk, I had a meeting with my features editors to discuss what was expected of us and what they wanted to see us get out of the internship. They said that there will always be a story for us to cover but preferred us to come up with and pitch our own.

When I got back to my desk, I got the chance to meet my mentor. Every intern was assigned a mentor who would check in with us weekly to make sure everything was going well. The mentors could also assign us assignments to cover. My mentor is Arthi Subramaniam, the food editor of the paper. Needless to say, my first story wasn’t about food, but about the owner of the #1 restaurant in all of Pittsburgh. A Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Sofra which serves a variety of Mediterranean cuisine. To make a long story short, this was the most interesting piece that I’ve ever worked on and the first big piece that I worked on for the internship so I instantly got excited to realize that this would be my job all summer long. The piece just finished up late last week and will be published on June 16th.

While starting my first assignment, my mentor, who sits right across from me, pitched another story for me to take with a quick turn around of just a few hours. After she told me what she wanted me to do, that was the point where I realized that I was going to love my job. She wanted me to write a food review on the Pittsburgh Arts Festival and to taste a variety of foods then come back to the office and write about what I thought about them. To be honest, I never wrote about food, and I wasn’t familiar how to write about it but I thought about how awesome it was to be covering food. Who doesn’t love to eat?

The story was featured on the front page of the magazine section on June 4, 2016. It was titled Please your palate at the Three Rivers Arts Festival

After seeing my name in the hometown newspaper I grew up reading, I realized that there is always a chance to achieve your goals, and working for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette was one of those for me. I’m excited to be working for them all summer and to see what the future has in store for me.

This next week coming up, I will hopefully have more than a few bylines in the paper, so If you get a chance, make sure to check them out!


Shea Beaumont ’17