Shea Beaumont Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Internship #2

After finally getting settled in at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, and getting my first byline in the paper, I have been writing stories left and right.

I haven’t been used to turning over stories on the same day that they were assigned. For The Campus you get almost a full week to setup your interviews and get your story turned in.

I would like to add, that this was no longer the case for me.

I could’ve sworn it was every day that an editor or my mentor was pitching a new story to me to turn it in on the same day. At first, I thought I wasn’t ready for that but after the first story I got to cover, I enjoyed the pressure and suspense of meeting a strict deadline and working down to the wire. The real world of journalism can better be explained as truly ‘living in the fast lane’…of writing that is.

My second byline was about a new drone training course that was being added to the curriculum of the Community College of Allegheny County and was being offered by SkyOp. This is considered the first course that SkyOp has ever offered in the state of Pennsylvania. The college had a press conference in the wake of this new class at the Pittsburgh campus.

The article was in the local news section of the paper and was titled CCAC introduces its first drone training course. 

The next story I covered was on a local Pittsburgh rock ‘n’ roll band that plays a style of music similar to the legends of rock, Aerosmith, AC/DC, & Guns N’ Roses.

The band, Gene the Werewolf was performing at a local venue in the Strip District of Pittsburgh called, The Altar Bar, but also releasing their album simultaneously. Everyone who attended the concert received a free copy of their new album, “The Loner”.

This story was very fun to cover and very interesting solely because I don’t listen to rock or even know a thing about it. But after listening to this band play live, they completely changed my mind. Not to mention, I had never previously wrote a music review, so it was definitely a little challenging.

This story was placed in the Weekend Magazine section of the Post-Gazette which is sent out to subscribers every Thursday.

I called the article, Gene the Werewolf is a big bad wolf on ‘The Loner’.

Last but certainly not least, was my favorite story of them all. The one that I had begun working on as soon as I started with the Post-Gazette and took me around two weeks to complete. This story also found its way onto the Weekend magazine edition of the paper.

The Turkish restaurant owner was a remarkable man with a great story and a great mindset on how to create and maintain a successful business establishment. Before you know it, Istanbul Sofra, located in Regent Square of Pittsburgh, will be known by everyone and not only for it’s amazing food, but its top-notch hospitality and environment. This story is what I’m most proud of as an intern for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

I feel that my article, Turkish restaurant owner continues to make an impact in the Pittsburgh area, is one of my better pieces of work, but I’m only looking to get better.

So far, this internship has been the most exciting and constructive experience in my entire life. I’ve already learned so much and had so much fun doing what I love as a journalist, that I never want this feeling to end.

I truly enjoy going to work every day, despite sitting in the bumper to bumper traffic on the Parkway for an hour and a half everyday on the way into the city, I couldn’t possibly complain.

My life is great!


-Shea Beaumont ’17