Shea Beaumont Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Internship #5

At this point in my internship, I’ve covered just about everything that I never thought I would ever cover. I haven’t even covered a story in the sports section. Thinking to myself…that’s what I came here to do. I wanted to be a sports reporter at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette all summer. But that was not the case.

But the thing is, I couldn’t be happier with where I stand as a features department intern because you essentially learn about everything else that’s out there in the world. The world doesn’t just revolve around sports and neither does the world of journalism and reporting. It is about covering what the people want to hear about, and in the features section, we have that covered. And I mean everything.

For instance, I had four recent stories in the paper and they all were different from one another.

The first was on a couple who found love through the social media platform, Instagram, a photo and video sharing app. Adam Martin is from Pittsburgh and Christina Tarantola is from Brooklyn. Adam had a post with a picture of himself promoting a health conscious frozen yogurt bar to his followers for his business and Christina was captured by it. After that, they hit it off and now plan on getting married within the next year. You can learn more about this unique love story on the Post-Gazette website in the article titled Pittsburgh and Brooklynite find love through Instagram.

The next story was about a local hip-hop and rap group from Pittsburgh called LAZYBLACKMAN. Yes, you read that write. LAZY JP and Barz BLACKMAN formed the group who is known for remixing old school jams and making them their own. They’ve recently released an album and are beginning to perform the songs from that tracklist at their upcoming shows. You can find them on YouTube and Soundcloud but first, read the article titled LAZYBLACKMAN travels back in time with ‘RAWLAW LP’.

The last two articles you can learn more about the background in my previous post but you can find them here: Observatory Hill’s Neighborhood history Tour offers a look back to the past and Vintage Grand Prix ‘legend’ reaches homestretch of his career. These are both pretty interesting and were about popular events in the Pittsburgh area.

All in all, each of my stories have been different at this point in my internship and it has only helped me widen my skill set, and become comfortable with a variety of topics the public wants to learn about. With all of these stories and subjects covered in my time with the PPG, I have gained a lot of great experience that will help me succeed in my journalistic future.

Stay tuned for some newer stories this week and in my next post! The Steel City Ambassadors story will surely be an interesting one.

Shea Beaumont ’17