Shea Beaumont Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Internship #6

Since my last blog, I have gotten the opportunity to experience some pretty interesting things at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

First, I got to cover a breaking news shift on a Sunday. That was different for me because I’m not used to working on Sundays for one, and two the news room has a completely different atmosphere.

I probably saw about 5 people all day in the office, but in the city of Pittsburgh, I saw thousands because of the beautiful day and the Pirates were playing.

Even though I didn’t get to cover any official breaking news, I was given a pretty cool assignment in return. I got to walk along the edge of the water on the riverwalk and talk to boaters, joggers, and pirates fans about why they were out in the heat that day.

If you’re wondering why that was assigned, well there was a heat advisory that was in effect the whole day because the temperature was in the upper 90’s with a heat index feeling like 110 or 115 degrees. And trust me, walking up and down the riverwalk allowed for me to feel the wrath of that heat.

The majority of the people were just taking advantage of an unusual beautiful Pittsburgh day by catching some sun and lounging on the water or were Buccos fans on their way into PNC Park. Some people were bicycling and jogging which baffled me, but I guess if you get into a routine of exercising, the weather really doesn’t affect you.

You can read that story titled, In Pittsburgh, it’s not hard to find ways to beat the heaton the PPG website.

On a side note, my story on the Steel City Ambassadors drum and bugle corp from Pittsburgh finally got published. I worked on that for over a month so I was certainly hyping it up to say the least. You can read that piece titled, Steel City Ambassadors drum and bugle corp brings back the golden agealso on the website.

My next story that I worked on was covering the local and county fairs of Pennsylvania and compiling information on them with fellow interns Alexis Book (Canisius College) and Anthony Mendicino (Point Park University). You can check that story out titled County Fair season rolls in, especially if you have a love or interest for demolition derbies, pig races, tractor pulls, or just getting a ole’ country experience.

The last great experience of the week was receiving a tour of where the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette physically prints all of their copies of the paper every day. We covered the whole process of each and every story reaching the facility in Clinton, PA from the North Shore location ready to be printed. Each story goes through a printing process and once the process is complete then the papers are ready to be distributed across Allegheny County. I couldn’t believe the size of the facility as we continued to walk through different sections throughout the tour. It seemed to just keep getting bigger and extending further and further to where my eyesight faded away. It was an overall great opportunity to experience for all of the interns along with myself, to see the process from editorial to print each and every day,

Stay posted for my next blog, as it will include an interesting story on the powerhouse convenience store/gas station chain, Sheetz, and the main individual who serves as the backbone of their success.


Shea Beaumont ’17