Shea Beaumont Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Internship #7

During my final week of my internship with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, I worked extensively on two my my favorite pieces of the whole summer. I feel that these two pieces really showcased my growth as a journalist over the last ten weeks and are probably my best pieces of work from the summer.

I got to interview the man who created the Sheetz, M-T-O concept 30 years ago. M-T-O is what made Sheetz stand out from every other gas station and convenience store around the area. He was the brain behind the touch screens, made to order meals, and the unusual combinations of food that you had the ability to order. He still works for the company today after 30 years when he started as a manager of a store in Maryland.

Overall, I just really enjoyed the interview process of this piece and I tried to make this one of my better stories for the PG so I could leave on a good note.

The second piece, ironically enough, is about Sheetz as well. But with this story, I basically sparked an idea in my editor’s head about turning it into a great concept for a story. Sheets has started to create stores that eliminated the selling of fuel but added more food options to the location. They are calling their new concept a, Sheetz Cafe, and it will be exclusively on or near college or university campuses.

Long story short, I wanted to find out if there would be any locations coming to any of the Pittsburgh universities or colleges in the future. Recently a Sheetz Cafe opened up in Indiana, PA near IUP but the first two locations were in Morgantown, WV near WVU and in State College, PA by Penn State.

This idea alone creates a foundation for a good story in my opinion, especially when Sheetz is only getting bigger and bigger and spreading across the area.

These two stories allowed for me to showcase my journalism skills and write two quality pieces of work right before my internship ended in Pittsburgh.

Unfortunately, they won’t be published until Sunday, so stay tuned for the story recaps and also my overall summer reflection with the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

In the meantime, checkout my colleague Anthony Mendicino’s recent work from his experience with the Post-Gazette. He covered the up and coming singer and songwriter Halsey, and her concert at Stage AE in Pittsburgh in his piece, Halsey takes Pittsburgh to the Badlands. Anthony is a recent graduate form Point Park University in Pittsburgh and is working with the PG until late August hoping to receive a job offer. Anthony and I got super close during our internship and I know me and him will stay in contact as our journalism careers pan out. He has a bright future ahead of him.  


Shea Beaumont ’17