The JPI minor is an interdisciplinary approach to journalism, combining the fundamentals of reporting in multiple platforms with an exploration of journalism’s past, present, and future place in a democratic society.

Courses (20 credits minimum)

  1. Journalism in the Public Interest synthesis courses. Take both of the following:
    • Journ 200, Journalism & Democracy in the United States
    • Journ 550, Exposé & Reform: Case Studies in Investigation
  2. Applied journalism courses. Take both of the following:
    • Journ 100, News Writing
    • Journ 300, Multimedia Journalism
  3. Take one of the following three options:
    • Journ 320, Topics in Journalism, or
    • Journ 501, Internship with The Campus I, and Journ 502, Internship with The Campus II, or
    • Journ 500, Internship with The Meadville Tribune