Leadership Program


Allegheny exists to provide students with a liberal arts education of high standards. We expect our graduates to be not only capable and farsighted leaders, but also rational and responsible citizens who are equipped to meet the vexing problems confronting all society. We expect them to value diversity, individual integrity of thought and action, and the importance of personal rights and freedom in the context of society as a whole. We expect them to know that the same complexities that create the problems and challenges of living also give life its richness. (Allegheny College Catalogue, 2001-02, p.4)

To help fulfill the mission of the College, Allegheny provides a number of opportunities that encourage students to consider and develop a personal philosophy of leadership. In doing so, students develop an awareness of themselves, others, and the community around them and consider the roles and responsibilities which they accept by being a part of that community.

Leadership Ceremony

Many students on campus have been involved in leadership and service activities that benefit the College and surrounding community. In an effort to recognize the valuable contributions of individual students and organizations on campus, Allegheny College holds an annual recognition ceremony to celebrate those contributions. Guests are nominated by their peers and other members of their community to attend the ceremony, and nominees must fill out applications to be considered for the named awards given annually at the event.

Award Descriptions:

The Dean’s Award: Awarded on behalf of the Dean of Students to the upperclass student who best exemplified the tenets of the Leadership Program through significant contribution to the college community. This is the student who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership in many areas of campus life.

The Outstanding Community Service Award (Inspired by Alyson Lawendowski ’93): Presented to an individual who has been instrumental in advancing Allegheny College’s commitment to service.

The Helping Hand Award (Inspired by Brian Grogan ’99): Presented to the student that exemplifies the ideals by which Brian lived his life: leadership, commitment, spirituality, respect for others, and personal sacrifice.

The Bridge Award: Presented to an individual who is strongly committed to improving cultural understanding and has bridged the many cultures represented on campus.

The Emerging Leader Award: Awarded to an outstanding first year or transfer student who has made noticeable contributions to student life on campus.

The Ethical Leadership Award: Presented to the individual who demonstrates honesty and integrity in their decision making, this is awarded to a value based student leader who is consistent in all aspects of their life.

The Innovation Award: Presented to a group or individual for demonstrating innovative and creative leadership in a single event or on an ongoing basis.

The Outstanding Organization Award: Awarded to the group that exemplified outstanding leadership and has made positive contributions to the campus community.

The Inspiration Award (Inspired by Paraskevi Mavrogeorgis ’97): Presented to an individual who inspires, educates, and empowers others through his/her personal passion.

The Community Building Awards (Inspired by Paula Coyle Wurst ’80): Presented to an individual or group that has made efforts to enhance the sense of belonging and community on campus.

The Justice Award (Inspired by Roy Cerise): Presented to an individual for his/her commitment to advancing justice in our community. This individual shares a deep concern for human beings, challenges our community to be one based on fairness and justice, and calls for direct action to implement social change.

Scholar/Leader Award: Presented to an individual who has exemplified a balance of personal academic excellence and meaningful leadership involvement in the community.

Cornerstone Award: The Allegheny Cornerstone Award was created to recognize the accomplishments of outstanding seniors who have contributed positively to the Allegheny community. The recipients are chosen on the basis of leadership, community involvement, and academic accomplishments throughout their tenure at Allegheny.